And then there was one….

From Jan 11-14……

When eating ice cream for dessert turns into a flexing contest and one kid mostly just wants to show us her bottom…….


The official brochures for Camp Widji came out and Lilli is featured in it on the banana boat with her group (and her buddies!) She’s on the left side, 2nd kiddo in the red vest.  She’s super excited to go back again this summer with a lot of her girlfriends!


Lilli was invited to her friend Kaitlyn’s house for a sleepover (the girl she’s behind in the boat).  Kaitlyn had a birthday sleepover this year and baby sis was really, really sad to be the only one left behind for a boring night with her parents.  We tried to convince her that it’s so fun to have us all to herself but she wasn’t buying it. And really wanted to hang with the big girls.


We finally got to cheer her up some over some guac.  This girl loves some guac and burritos!


After a quick run to Sam’s we treated her to Krispy Kreme – finally we were talking her love language!!


This was the first time she’d ever seen them making the donuts.  Or at least the first time she really “got it”.  Usually we go to Dunkin Donuts near our house and they don’t have anything like this.  She was in love.


Finally she started seeing the bright side of being the only child. And having something she could brag to her sister about the next day.  And still, 3 months later, brag about getting to do.


Lilli had a blast at her sleepover with the girls (and Kaitlyn’s little brother).  They had pizza and cake, played games and watched movies.


The girls (and baby bro) at breakfast the next morning.  She had a blast!


And then it was time for us to get ready for Abbi’s big 4th birthday party!!

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