Abbi’s Birthday…..

From Jan 16 – 18…..

On Martin Luther King Jr Day we celebrated the birthday triplets, as we usually do.  We’re trying to be a little “cheap” this year so we used all of the leftover Cars stuff from Abbi’s party and still had plenty of cake left to serve everyone.


We had pizza and chili dogs, and the kids all had fun playing and it was really a nice day outside for January.  They both got a lot of presents, and of course the favorite was this truck and trailer, along with any other cars she got.


Anytime the family is all together a tree needs to come down.  This time it was this dead pine that’s always been in the way.


Lilli decided she is a great artist and wanted to start selling her art for the “poor kids”, specifically the “poor African Americans we raise money for at church”.  Which is really just AFRICANS we raise money for.  Ha!


On Abbi’s birthday eve we upheld tradition and went out for Italian – which for her is Noodles.  It makes everyone happy, so it doesn’t have to be fancy.  Unlike her favorite shirt…..


Lilli overheard me laughing that Michelle had told Serif if he doesn’t help keep their new car clean he’d have to get rid of his new Xbox.  Of course Lilli was ALL over that…..


Our new stove came, and as Brent was removing the old one we discovered it had been wired completely wrong and had actually started burning.  It made me really glad I’d busted it since it truly looks like we were headed for a house fire!


He ran a gas line for the new one and installed it on Abbi’s birthday.  Isn’t she so fancy?? I should’ve broken the old one a long time ago.  We LOVE it! I’d missed gas so much.


Abbi turned 4! It’s hard to remember her as a tiny little thing who couldn’t breathe on her own for a few days when she was born!! She’s one of the tallest in her class and is absolutely full of life!


The birthday fairy came and decorated with Cars balloons while she slept.


Cars stuff everywhere – and all her presents wrapped in Cars.


That night for dinner we had her request – fish sticks, french fries, and sparkle grape juice.  So our first dinner in that fancy oven was fish sticks.  Ha!




Silly, silly sisters.


I picked up a few cupcakes for dinner that night – her first cake was gone and we were getting another big cake for Lilli’s party the following day.  We were already SO full of cake!


And we had presents for her – more cars! A UPS truck, a mail truck and a Hot Wheels backpack.  We kept it small and simple and things she loves!  So hard to believe our Abbi is FOUR now!


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