Lilli’s Birthday Bash…..

From Jan 19-20….

So not only did we have an oven replacement happen during birthday week this year we also had to replace the dishwasher.  It had been making horrible sounds for a few months, and we knew it was on its last leg, and then it just completely started leaking and we had mushrooms growing in the floor.  Not good.  We’d already picked out a really nice Bosch that we wanted so off we went to get that ASAP, because no one likes hand washing around here.


This year Lilli picked having her party at a bounce house and having a couple of friends spend the night afterwards. And then she said she wanted to invite her entire class.  And a few special friends.  Oh my.  So we had her party on a Friday night because it was WAY cheaper.

There are some friends you just want to wear matching shirts with.  Lilli was so excited to get this shirt for her birthday since her BFF already had the same one!


When you invite pretty much everyone you know, about 27 kids show up.  Whew.


The first jump room had a rock wall, all kinds of bounce houses, and a tornado wind simulator.  It’s been a long time since we’ve done a bounce house and they had a lot of fun climbing and doing all the big kid obstacles.  And at their age, the majority of parents drop off but they were all so well behaved.  It was way easier than I had imagined.


In the wind simulator.


Inside the wind simulator – packed in tight!


Lilli on a big slide….


Abbi didn’t have any fun at all…..


She had her bestie Pepper there to keep her company.


The second bounce room had more obstacles and bounce houses, and racing inflatables.  This one was more of a “wipe out” type challenge.


It was literally impossible to get all the kids in once picture at the end.


Another angle of silly faces….


Lining up to go and eat pizza and cake….


One of the tables eating.  The Pump it up party helpers kept everything flowing really smoothly and I was impressed just how well behaved the kids all were and how no one got injured or ended up crying.  Eight really is great!


But the cake.  Mercy.  This is the ugliest cake we have ever had.  Lilli wanted a Star Wars themed party, and this cake is about the saddest thing Publix has ever made. A huge crack down the middle and SO plain.  After Abbi’s adorable Cars cake earlier in the week I couldn’t believe how sad this thing was! But she liked it so…..(but it should absolutely be on Cake Wrecks)./


Looking pretty serious about this cake thing….


The birthday girl!


Making that wish! Also, I have never, ever heard the birthday song sung as loud as in that room with so many boys and girls! It was pretty hilarious.


All kinds of kids wanted to pose before they left – Kaitlyn, Livvy, Lilli and Zoey.


Kaitlyn and Lilli


Kelly and Lilli


Reese and Lilli


Molly and Lilli


Lauren and Lilli


Emerson and Lilli


Our party favors were light sabers.  I instructed the pros to pass them out as kids were leaving since I knew these things could get violent! Like when Evie took out Audrey from behind…..


We had Reese and Kelly spend the night afterwards.  The car was full of little girl giggles on the way home.


They opened presents when we got back to our house and the magic 8 ball from Serif created even more giggling with all kinds of questions about boys.  HA!


When baby sis has to go to bed alone, without the big girls.  The agony of being the baby…..


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