Lilli Turns 8

From January 21 – 24….

Almost done with birthday posts!!

The sleepover went great.  Having a sleepover after a day at school, followed by a bounce party, makes it pretty easy to get them in bed around 11.  I think they woke up around 7, and entertained themselves until breakfast time.  They’re all really good girls.

IMG_9463 copy

A little post breakfast trampoline workout. They all take the same cheer and tumble class, so they’re all little gymnasts.


Some Barbies and dress up to wrap up a great party.


When the dog finds the string on your balloon.  Hilarious.

IMG_9486 copy

On her birthday day eve we ate Mexican, per tradition.


Brent installed the new dishwasher! She’s a beaut.  And SO quiet. We love our new Bosch appliances.


We got Lilli the game of Life and she loves it!


Birthday week can be a killer for baby sis.


And finally it was her actual birthday! 8 years of birthday celebrations!


The birthday fairy came but her helium tank must have been low, and she must have been sold some really junky balloons because most of them were on the ground in the morning already!


I went and had lunch with Lilli and took her class donuts, per her request.  She picked Lauren to sit at the special table with us.


With my birthday girl!


We opened presents – we kept it small – some Star Wars clothes, some things for American Girl, and a horse that we ended up returning in favor of getting an American Girl horse.


And to put a pin in birthday week we celebrated at Chuck E Cheese with the Godbys.


Future sister drivers.

IMG_9521 copy

One last pile of cake and icing!


Future wild bestie drivers! This one scares me……

IMG_9527 copy

These two are hilarious!


Cashing in those tickets for tootsie rolls – Abbi has hers hanging out of her mouth and she’s helping Pepper dive in.  And just like that, we survived birthday week! We served about 80 pieces of cake, 3 dozen donuts, and about 2 dozen cupcakes this year.  Mercy.


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