Winter Randoms

From Jan 25 – Feb 4…..

Ticking off a couple of weeks here!

I had some Gymboree Gymbucks from purchases around Christmas and used them to get the girls a few new things for winter – including this kid’s first Star Wars shirt! She was so proud.


I also got them both a few new pairs of exercise pants and sports bras that were on clearance for about $5 each! They are such great quality and they were so proud!


Matching sister shirts! So cute.  And they both are a little big so they should get a couple of years out of them!


We took the girls to Let It Shine for Parents Night Out and we tried a new (to us) BBQ place.  It was SO good!


And of course a Starbucks Soy Vanilla Latte.  It’s not a date without it!


Happy as a clam!


On a day when he’s thrown up 4 times it’s nice to look back and see a sweet pic like this.  He’s about one more throw up away from finding a new floor to yack in…….


Jenga! Winter is full of lots of family game nights.


The girls went to “Granny Camp” for the weekend so we could go to a marriage seminar at church.  It was SO good! Really funny speakers with lots of great tips and pointers.  It was such a good weekend!


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