New Hair, New Bling

From Feb 5 – Feb 13….

Two tired girls on the way home from Granny Camp!


Brent picked them up early before church, and that Sunday afternoon Lilli and I went to a skating party for one of her classmates.  I always volunteer to go to the skating parties! Such fun, and great exercise!


Little Sporty Spice.


My new spice rack that Brent made! It turned out SO good and makes cooking a million times easier! Our previous spice area was just a MESS and things fell all over the place.  This is so easy to keep them all organized.


Abbi’s picture night – which we had forgotten about and she ended up wearing all kinds of conflicting patterns.  But gave them a great smile!


All three of us girls went to my salon for cuts.   Lilli just got a trim, but was in total heaven.  She loves some pampering!


Abbi’s before and after – she’d been begging for a cut.  Her hair had gotten so long and she was getting stuck in everything – her car seat, clothes, etc.  She has such great hair, but it was time for some maintenance to keep it pretty and healthy!


Megan straightened it that day, but she still has her loose waves.


Looking sassy with her straightened up bob.  She wants to grow her hair long again.


I made us reservations for American Girl that night.  They were kind of late reservations, and they were tired and cranky by the time of dinner, and hungry! It wasn’t the best plan I’ve ever made! We should’ve just skipped and eaten in the mall. But, the food there is always good and Lilli was able to use a gift card she’d gotten for Christmas to get a few things for her doll.


Their favorite part was riding the escalator.  Seriously.


We’d been talking about getting my ring repaired for a while – I’d lost a few diamonds from the wrap and band, and when we went in to get a quote we started thinking about trading it out for something new.  In the end we went back and traded in my entire set for a new set.  It was time! I got a double diamond with diamond band and wrap, for about nearly 2 carats in total.  We picked it all out that night, but had to leave it there for a few weeks to get sized! It was a great Valentines gift!!


Afterwards we went to Krispy Kreme to try and get some heart shaped donuts but they were already out.  The girls still had fun watching the assembly line and picking plain donuts out instead.


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