Valentines, Friends and Fields

From Feb 14 – 24….

We kept Valentines pretty low key.  We grilled steaks and had Cupid floats, and kept it fun and easy.  The girls had all their Valentines from school, and a boy in Lilli’s class bought her a big chocolate heart! She never really heard why, but he didn’t do that for anyone else in class.  So funny!


We only got them a few small things, some candy and a few little cheap things we’d found along the way.  They have too much junk and we’ve cut WAY back this year on “stuff” for them.


One of the books I read this year – Jen Hatmaker’s “For the Love”.  Love her comments on unicorns and balance!! So true.


Lilli was Star Student and got to take or do special things each day – from family pictures, to a poster about herself, to a show and tell day, it was “her” week.  On Friday I got to go and read to her class and answer their questions about her – like how many pairs of shoes she has, time of birth, first word – inquiring minds!


We had Pepper and Serif come over for a playdate and Jeff and Michelle went out on a date.  Or, maybe we had Elsa and Serif over.

IMG_0332 1

This was during Pepper’s wig phase – she had a lot of fun with our old Ariel wig!  Lilli was there, just on the other side of the bench!


Big kids played Lego, while little kids did baby dolls and I cleared out a bunch of princess stuff to send home with Pepper! This consignment season I sold most all of Lilli’s old princess gear – toys, dolls, playhouses, and so on.  This fall even more will be going!

IMG_0365 1

Saturday night we had Miss Chelsey (one of the teachers at Abbi’s school who also goes to our church) over to babysit and we made reservations at Kayne Prime.  I’ve been dying to try it so we double dated with Tim and Wendy.  It was SO good! Everything was delicious and the service was truly amazing.  Definitely a fantastic special date night place to celebrate a belated Valentines.


Brent and the girls when I was out on a “girls night out” with Michelle and Angela.

IMG_0508 1

One afternoon we were leaving at the same time as Isaac and his mom – a certain someone ran ahead and held his hand as they left.  She’s smitten with him!

IMG_0581 1

The girls had their annual well visit check ups.

IMG_0619 1

Both girls got clean bills of health, and flu shots! Abbi wasn’t a fan of her shot…..

IMG_0625 1

Afterwards Brent took Lilli to Adventure Science for her field trip.  I had scheduled her doctor’s visit a year prior, literally, and it just so happened to fall on a field trip day! What are the odds? But he was able to take her afterwards and stick around to chaperone.  He was responsible for Lilli, Lauren, and Beulah.

IMG_0641 1

The bizarre “Wicked Plants” exhibit.  The lights went out when they were in the back and there was a lot of little girl screaming – but I think that ended up being their favorite thing! Girls love some squealing.


Lilli’s traditional pic – with one extra Beulah!


Lunch with the girls! I’d say it looks like they had a good time! For sure more fun than me, stuck at work! I’m glad he got to go because their final field trip of the year was a no chaperone trip to a one room school house, and we didn’t go on their earlier field trip this year.  It’s hard to believe now there’s less than two weeks of school left!


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