Surprise Snow

From March 5 – 12….

A nice spring afternoon hike at Smith Park.  We still haven’t explored all the trails at Smith Park, it’s such a fun, trail filled park in our area that not many people seem to visit.


Hiking selfie.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen any deer there – I think it’s our louder company scaring them off.  It’s still a great and quiet park.


She loves him so hard.


Lilli’s list of requirements for her future husband.  He must love animals, and most of these things on here.  I hope she always keeps some of these standards!


They finished a big re-do of Abbi’s playground and this cute outdoor car track is absolutely one of her favorites.  They’ve added some storage to it since then.  I know she’d love something like this in our own yard once we get it all landscaped.


Two good cleanings for both girls! No cavities this time!


I really, really enjoyed Chip and Joanna Gaines’ book “The Magnolia Story”.  A really great look into how their businesses took off and more about them.  I think she and I are very much alike in our mental processes.


One Saturday morning I headed out for an easy 4-miler.  I knew some snow was in the forecast, but this one ended up being a massive surprise to all! When I got started it was just light, pretty little flurried.  And then it turned to ice pelting me and I could barely see.  I was barely moving in all the wind, but trying my best just to get back.  I still did all 4 miles (there was no question there!) but by far it was literally one of my toughest runs ever.  The ice was absolutely pelting my eyes and I was trying to run with my head down, or shielding my eyes and kept losing my footing no matter what I did.  By the time I got back the greenway was covered in a thin layer of snow and ice.


At one point I met someone walking with their German Shepherd and chuckled because the dog’s fur was covered in snow.  Then I realized my hair probably looked like that as well! Ha! And it really wasn’t that cold of a day – I’d felt fine in not that many layers of running gear, and no ear wrap.  I was really wishing I’d had it because I might’ve been able to use it to shield my eyes from the snow and ice.


My car when I got back! I had to scrape…..


And the main road was looking like this – so crazy! When it started falling, it fell FAST! It had been such a warm week that I was really surprised how quickly it accumulated.  Regardless I was pretty proud of myself for making it through that run, and never quitting.


We ended up getting a lot of snow!


And it was perfect for building a snowman!!


It wasn’t cold out at all, and the driveways and roads melted fast but we quickly built our snow family.


Since the trees were blooming we made flower headbands and necklaces for the girls in our group.  Our snowmen were nearly life size, too!


Lilli went to a back handspring clinic later that day with her bestie.  She’s so close to completely landing it on the ground, and already has it on the trampoline.


The next day after church – it mostly already looked like spring again! The mowers had already been once to mow before this snow happened!


And we were back to spring activities like taking nice walks around the library and playing outside, no coat required.  It was such a freak snowstorm but we were so glad for the chance to build some good snowmen! And then move right back into Spring, for good.


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