St Patty and Spring Breaking

From March 13 – 19….

Lilli and some of her cute art work! She’s such a great artist.  She most assuredly does not get that gift from me! Wiggly eyes, construction paper, and markers were our entertainment that winter evening.


Lilli had to build a leprechaun trap for school this year (again), but this one had to have simple machines as part of the design – like pulleys, ramps, etc.  So she and Brent came up with this design – the leprechaun trips over the string, raises the bucket (which has coins in it), and then falls in a hole and is trapped when the bucket comes back down.  Very clever idea! She got to present it to her class and her teacher loved it.


Abbi’s class did more low key things, and of course with her gold she’d buy some cars.  No surprise.  They also had a leprechaun come in and knock some things over while they were in Spanish class and leave them some gold coins.


Our trap at home was pretty simple, too.  The leprechauns just always seem to get away! Maybe next year.


Beefy nacho day at school! I am always there for nacho day.  It’s seriously so good.  I’d love to be skinny, but…..nachos!


Friday night kicked off the beginning of Spring Break so we met my parents halfway and had dinner at Cracker Barrel before the girls were off to spend a few days with them.  We just didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  (Not.) We spent a gorgeous Saturday at Cheekwood just…..relaxing.  Or at least what we think we remember relaxing is.  It was a day of no temper tantrums, bickering kids, or whining.  Just heaven.


Oh and the tulips were nice, too.


We packed a picnic, found a quiet spot, and took way too many selfies.  The temps were perfect so I even laid out a bit.


Naps and reading in the grass.  Yes, please.  If I even attempt to get a book out with the kids around you wouldn’t even believe the list of needs that seem to arise.


I had noticed that Chef Maneet Chauhan was going to be at Cheekwood that afternoon doing a demonstration.  What Brent didn’t know was that I already had reservations for us to eat at her restaurant the following day! What I didn’t know was that she was also a judge on Chopped, and way more famous than I realized, hence the incredibly long line for her cooking demonstration.  I wasn’t sure if we’d get in, but we did.  It was so fun to do something like this, and not mind the long wait in line without worrying which kid would melt down first – or need a potty visit at the worst possible time.


The samples were so good and we were so excited to be going to her restaurant the next day!


Afterwards we took a short hike at Edwin Warner before grilling out at home.


The kids were having fun fishing.


Dinner the next day at Chauhan Ale and Masala House was so good! Great food and a really neat atmosphere.  This Indian poutine was everything.  SO GOOD!


Such a fun night! Our breaks from the kids are so wonderful and relaxing.  It’s so nice to take some time AWAY from all their needs and just focus on us!


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