Spring Breaking, Birmingham Day 3

From March 25-

I got up early again and hit the gym before everyone woke up again.  I texted Brent to see how Abbi was doing, and reviews were mixed.  She tried to eat a little bit of breakfast, but was mostly just exhausted.  We had plans to go hiking in the morning, and then a children’s science museum in the afternoon.  The hiking trail was close to the hotel, so Brent ended up staying with Abbi while Lilli and I went with the Wrays to hike.


It turns out this was Julia’s first time on a trail of any kind! Who knew! She is very afraid of snakes, so I assured her we wouldn’t be seeing any snakes that morning.

We hiked at Moss Rock Preserve Park, a really nice trail in the middle of a nice Hoover neighborhood.  The trails themselves were not well marked, and didn’t have trail guides, and normally Brent is our navigator. We asked a couple for some tips, and somewhere along the way we really misunderstood what they had suggested.  But the trails themselves were so pretty and it was a really well maintained trail.


We ended up going too far in one way, so we had to circle back around and poor Molly was just tired.  Her short little legs just didn’t keep up with us and the little thing just passed right out in Julia’s arms! I couldn’t believe she could sleep like that while we were on the go.  My girls would have never been that knocked out!


The toughest part was crossing this pipe.  Julia, Molly and I went around a different way, but Adam and the girls took it like a balance beam!


Meanwhile back in the room…..Abbi slept off the junk she’d come down with.  She never got sick after getting sick in the car, but she just had no energy.


The trails had lots of big rocks, water and it really was so pretty.  And I know Molly got so heavy!! The big girls had a blast jumping and running and exploring.


We made it! Posing on a rock at the end, before we went to a fantastic Italian place across the street for lunch.  They had great outdoor seating and it was nice to relax and chow down.


Poor Molly! But it looked like she had a great nap.


We headed back to the hotel for a few minutes and Brent and Lilli went with Adam and Ella to the McWane Science Center downtown.  Abbi was just starting to wake up, and Molly was going to take more of a nap.

Abbi was starting to get restless so we took a walk around the hotel, up and down the hall, looking at the pool, and just exploring.  We ran into Julia and Molly heading to the mall and I suggested Abbi and I walk down to the Starbucks that she’d been watching out the window all day.  I got her an iced coffee and we split a cookie and something in that iced coffee brought her back to life! Her smile and energy was back and she was ready to go!  Starbucks has that same effect on me, too……


Meanwhile at the Science Center, the big kids were having a blast.


And the really big kids, too


From the sound of it, it was a great museum and they got in free with our Adventure Science membership.  So you can’t hate that!


The big kids got tired, and a massive thunderstorm was headed in.  We’d been so lucky with weather because earlier in the week they’d made it look like a total washout.  Abbi and I were doing laps in the hotel again when Julia and Molly got back from the mall, and the rest of the group arrived back soon afterwards.  We got some of the games we’d brought and we played cards, board games, and the kids just ran around being silly in the lobby.  We got some takeout and ate dinner down there, too.  It was nice just to hang out, visit, and let the kids play together.


But really – they mostly just wanted to swim.  There’s something about a hotel pool that just draws in the kids! Abbi was feeling up to it, and the girls had a blast together and with some friends they’d made in there the night before, too.  Molly didn’t stay long before heading upstairs to bed.  It had been a long day for little legs!


I’m sad Abbi missed out on a lot of the activities, and that we couldn’t all enjoy things together, but we were all glad she was getting back to herself and feeling better.


Even though she didn’t eat much dinner, and we had a few false alarm “I’m going to throw ups”, by bedtime she was looking and acting a lot more like our usual Abigail!


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