Spring Randoms

From March 27 – April 3….

Only 4 years old and already talking and driving.  At least baby is strapped in.


This was the picture day outfit she picked.  The jacket was the best compromise we could come up with.  She has a sporty style all her own.


When the days get longer we spend many of our evenings on the greenway.  This time we brought Olli, who is still terrible on a leash.


Since he pulls so hard I don’t usually let the girls walk him on the greenway – since he has pulled away from them and I had to chase him through the woods.  So when we get home his walk usually continues.


Brent and I had the opportunity to go to an Enneagram conference and hear Suzanne Stabile and Ian Cron.  We’re big students of the Enneagram and how it can improve relationships, and it was a fantastic weekend hearing them speak Friday night and all day Saturday.


My type – the 1.  Lilli is also definitely a 1.


Brent’s time.  And we’re pretty certain Abbi is a 6.


On Saturday night we made reservations for Mack and Kate’s and their shrimp and grits were amazing.  It was a full weekend of lots of learning and conversation.


Meanwhile the kids were having a blast at Granny camp!


And even came home with some handcuffs!


A nice spring hike at Smith Park…..


I read Lauren Graham’s memoir on her career and her time on Gilmore Girls and Parenthood.  A decent book, but I really like what she had to say about people and their screens.  I’m so over screens everywhere.


Those front teeth were getting VERY wiggly!!


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