Dropping like Flies

From April 4 – 9…

He should really bite her every single day.  But he loves it.


Spring evenings at Crockett Park.  Long hours of daylight are my fave.


I got Lilli a Garmin VivoFit Jr to track her steps each day.  I knew she’d really like it and she still does.  She was in running club this spring and some mornings she’d jog while we waited for the bus and it really helped them not fight and calm down.  It tracks her sleep and daily activity, as well as logs her completed chores for rewards (set by points).  Since she’s a very goal driven kid she loves it, and every day that she gets 60 minutes of activity she gets to unlock different animal clues along a trail.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’d highly recommend it.


We had a movie night and watched Moana.  I’d been on the wait list for it a while at the library! It wasn’t my fave Disney movie ever, but the girls loved it.


Those top teeth – barely hanging on!


Just watching the mowers across the street.  Nothing to see.  Best day ever.


Until Pepper, the dog from up the street, wandered into our yard and they loved on her forever.  Clearly she hated it.


It’s like they forget they have a black dog of their very own or something…..


That night the girls went to Let It Shine for Parents Night Out and we went to our fave conveyor belt sushi place! Always so fun.


Sunday afternoon we met Serif and Pepper (and their parents) at Cheekwood to enjoy spring flowers and have a picnic.  Somehow no kids fell in the lake, despite all their best efforts, clearly a gift bestowed on us since they’d all been to church that morning and had a little Jesus in them.


The tulips were on the declining end of the season.


We did part of the Sculpture Trail that day, something we rarely do.  It has lots of neat sculptures and hidden gems that most people miss.  Including this zen area, that was less zen when people are digging in the meditation sand.


Out on the trail….


Lilli’s tooth was so loose that night.  And I was starting to feel really bad thanks to my first UTI in at least 12 years – over dinner Brent went to just wiggle it and accidentally pulled it out – creating all kinds of chaos, tears and blood.  But, the tooth was out! And we all survived.


Later, after Brent made a run to the pharmacy and Lilli had time to take a few deep breaths, she got ready for our first tooth fairy visit in nearly a year! Thank goodness the tooth fairy had been waiting on this one to come out and was ready!


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