Another Day, Another Tooth

From April 10 – 15….

Sporty spice – complete with Under Armour shorts, sunglasss, and 2 necklaces.  Ready for school.  Stickers on legs are optional!


One night the mowers came really late while we were eating and Abbi was in heaven.  We let her eat her dinner while watching them out the window.


One night we made corn on the cob on purpose.  And top tooth number two came right out on its own.


All she wanted for Easter was her two front teeth…..


Grandma’s corn on the cob did the trick!


Just do the usual, you know what to do!


The next day I had lunch with her because it was also Brownies with your Bear day.  Each semester we buy a new book for the library with her name and a dedication to her in it.


And Brent surprised me with a cake from my fave bakery for my half birthday! I LOVE these kinds of surprises! I’m hard to surprise but he really did get me that time!


I had to work on Good Friday but the girls were both out.  Brent took the day off and made them a big and yummy breakfast!


They went to the park and then came and took me out to lunch.


Just a princess, a sporty gal and a wagon walking the subdivision…..


They started 8 weeks of swim class at the Y.


And while doing some yard work Brent found a snake that he killed.  The girls were WAY too into touching it, holding it, and playing with it’s dead body and severed head!


Ick, ick and ick!!


Saturday night we met the Godbys at Arrington for our first picnic of the season.  It was a perfect day, busy, but still plenty of space for all.


Once it got dark the light sabers came out!


Even little sis had fun playing Star Wars!


And when we got home we had to get our baskets ready for the bunny to visit later that night.


Lilli is the sweetest, and she even had Abbi sign the letter, too.


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