Of Bunnies and Unicorns

From April 16 – 21….

The Easter Bunny filled the girls baskets with a few new toys.  Of course cars and car related things for Abbi, some new books and crutches for Lilli’s American Girl doll.  Both girls got matching Star Wars shirts, candy and a little stuffed animal.  The Easter Bunny kept it small, simple, and both girls were thrilled with their goodies.


Somehow I didn’t even get a picture of them in Easter dresses this year.  They wore last year’s dresses (I think, of course Abbi may have just worn something else, I really can’t remember).  I know I didn’t buy anything knew because they both have way too many clothes.  Abbi had to come in “big church” that day and she did great, so we let her pick lunch – Sonic.  Ugh! So fancy!

Afterwards we let them do their confetti eggs, a fun annual tradition.  They mostly love cracking them on their heads.


It always makes for cute pictures……especially when you have a lot of teeth missing.


We took a nice afternoon bike ride and enjoyed the day.  Lilli  is up to about 8 miles now and we probably need to get her a ten speed soon.  She’s looking really big on her bike.


One night we walked up to the new construction houses and the girls had a blast riding their bike through the puddles.  They thought it was hilarious and awesome to get so muddy and zoom through the puddles.


The face of fun!


Starbucks had special Unicorn Frappucinos for a few short days.  It was all over social media so the day it came out we surprised them with the treat after dinner.  We had them split the small size in two cups – it was pink and purple and you swirl it together and it had some sort of glitter sprinkles in it.  Naturally, they didn’t like it – the main syrup was mango.  We thought it tasted great, but it was way too exotic for kids palates (And also a million calories).  Every little girl there had one and they ALL hated the taste and said it was too sour.  Hilarious.  Great marketing scheme on Starbucks part, though! They do like Starbucks iced coffee so we’ll just stick to that when we treat them to the ‘bucks.  But we can say we tried it!


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