A Day in DC – Part 1

From April 22……

Finally, the day was here for our big trip to Washington DC.  My niece Frances was getting married in the DC area on Sunday.  It’s a long, long drive from here and I don’t have a ton of vacation time yet at my new job, plus it would be a loooong drive with the girls for a short trip.  My parents offered to foot the airfare bill for us all to be there so we jumped right on that offer faster than a rock bottom Southwest fare sale that never seems to happen anymore.

The girls were SO excited and for crazy reasons I decided to book us on a 6 am flight so we’d have time to sight see in DC before the wedding activities Saturday night started.  And then I realized what a 6 am flight means…..we were pretty worried about getting the girls up at 3 am so we had them sleep in their clothes and everything was packed the night before.  Luckily, a giant storm was moving through all day Saturday and the thunder and intense lightning started right at 3 am so they woke up due to the storm.

Basically the radar below was our entire day.  Rain, rain, and rain.


They were so excited to go.  For weeks we’d been going over with Abbi that we’d park the car at a place where we’d ride a bus to the airport, then take an airplane, then a bus to a car we’d borrow.  And that our car would stay in Nashville.  Her mind was blown with all this transportation overload.


We got the Fly Away spot in pouring, pouring rain.  It was raining so hard they had us all stand inside because the canopy wasn’t keeping people dry, and one guy’s rolling suitcase went straight out into the storm.  We got on our bus, through security, and got the luggage dropped off and didn’t have long to wait before boarding.  Traveling with two car seats, one stroller, and our luggage – that’s one physical workout.


Brent and Lilli rode together behind Abbi and I.  Stupid three seats to a row!


The plane was full so every seat was taken.  Abbi was loving every second of watching our luggage get poured on, and Southwest no longer puts car seats in bags for you so we were just watching their car seats get soaked……


Finally we were up in the sky! We couldn’t see much below because of the rain, and then once we were up it was just a pillow of clouds below us.  She loved every second.  We had WiFi on the plane, but the lady beside me never stopped talking and Abbi didn’t want to watch it much.  She’s still not a TV kid.  They gave us our beverages and then promptly took them right because we were in turbulence most of the time thanks to the giant rain storm.


We landed and after getting them both in the bathroom were literally the last people to claim our bags.  Such is the life with kids…..We hopped a bus to get our car and they ran around with our suitcases.  Between the stroller and car seats and luggage and keeping Abbi from running into traffic – even Lilli had to push two suitcases at a time!


We flew into Baltimore because it was a little cheaper than DC, and the wedding was an hour from both the DC airport and also Baltimore, so neither were really close.  It was about a 45 minute drive to DC and we weren’t on the interstate long before we had our first motorcade pass us! We had no clue who it could be, but since we love the show 24 we had all kinds of crazy ideas of what could be going on! Anytime we saw NSA or anything referenced to the show we were pretty jazzed! Somehow we’d never been to DC together so we were excited to see a few things, even if we knew it was going to be quick.


We had thought we’d have maybe an hour of rain free sightseeing, but we didn’t have any such luck.  We’d packed all the rain gear we have, and brought the stroller for Abbi because we knew in the rough weather she’d rather be in there than walking or us trying to carry her.  Plus it was safer for crowds and traffic.  We turned a corner and instantly there was our first view of the Capital! So crazy to see!


By this time we were hungry – we’d had no breakfast and it was lunchtime.  It was pouring so we found a food truck, grabbed some slices, and then found an empty bus shelter to get a few minutes out of the pouring rain.  Best pizza ever!


Then we needed to find a bathroom.  Easier said than done! DC has a lot of sights to see but not many bathrooms.  We kept finding closed ones, or ones where you’d have to go through security first.  Such a pain.  And, it was Earth Day.  We knew that – Lilli had been asking if we could pick up trash in our neighborhood for Earth Day – but we didn’t realize that meant thousands were going to be marching against Trump and his stand against Science.  I’m all about marching against Trump – but I would’ve liked less crowds for our short visit.  When we did find a bathroom the girls and I spent over half an hour in line.  Thanks Trump! One more thing you’ve made more difficult……


FINALLY, we were able to enjoy the sights with food and our belly and the bathroom situation handled.  Lilli had to do the typical Washington Monument pose……


It was really so majestic.  Even in cloudy, dark skies.


She loved seeing the policemen on horses.


75% of us.  The other 25% was throwing a tantrum about wanting to push the stroller into people in the high winds.


Straight into the sky…..she wanted to touch it.


The wind was INSANE.  It kept flipping my umbrella inside out, and Lilli’s too.  This was my umbrella I got on our trip to Canada – clearly we’re not having the best vacation weather! With the wind and crazy weather our phone batteries kept dying, too.  We were constantly having to use our emergency charger to get some juice back.  It was a crazy and frustrating day.


I believe this was the WW2 monument.  At this point Abbi was tired of being rained on and wanted to run! We were so glad we brought the stroller.  Even though it’s a pain, with the weather and the 3 am wake up with no nap – we knew she’d need it.  It came in so handy, especially when it was pouring and we could pull the cover over her some and just run.


Reflecting pond…..


View towards the Lincoln Memorial…

More next time.   We took so many pics there was no way to get it into one post! We covered a ton of ground in about 3 hours…..


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