A Day in DC, part 2

From April 22….

We had a short, short time period where it wasn’t pouring down rain on us and we enjoyed chasing a few ducks and the scenic walk towards the Lincoln Memorial.  Somehow Abbi managed not to fall in the reflecting pond, or lose her special blankie in the duck poop filled water.


Stoic Lilli, looking so patriotic.


A little family selfie with Abe.


Looking up at Abe.  It was so cool to see it in person.




Looking back towards the Capital and Washington Monument.  While we were inside the Lincoln Memorial and the gift shop the rain started back up.  Sigh.


The lady who took this picture told us “the one in the stroller isn’t looking”.  We told her “We know”.  I’m not even sure what she might have been watching……


Looking at the very slippery Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


Our last stop was to find the White House.  And just as we were doing so, we heard the Marchers finish there rally and start THEIR walk towards the White House! Uh oh!!! We really didn’t want to get caught in the thousands of people marching so we tried to find the White House quickly.  We were given some bad directions and both our phones were dead when we asked a police officer – who happened to notice my Memphis hat that Brent was wearing and said he was originally from Memphis! Small world.


The march…..that we were part of.  Sort of.


And finally, we found it! With all the walls and gates it was so much further off than we expected!


We had enough juice on one phone to take a few very quick pics, so, sorry Abbi.  She was grouchy in the stroller, so next time! But she was there….

Lilli wanted a pic to show her class.  She just wished Hillary was in there instead of Trump.  #dontweall


And one of us.


From there we tried to find our way back to the car, which also wasn’t so easy! We did stumble upon Hamilton street, and since I love that musical I was pretty excited! Best part of the long, confusing walk back to find our rental car.  The crowd was so thick I literally had Lilli holding onto me so she didn’t get swept away, and I was so glad Abbi was in a stroller.  Between the rain, the crowds, and all the umbrellas – it was a tough day in DC.


I’m glad we got to see it, but hopefully if we ever go back it’ll be a nicer, drier, and less crowded day.


Hello, Maryland!


How wet was everything? Well, my feet were dyed pink from my shoes.


That evening was the dinner for the wedding party and out of town guests at a restaurant in Frederick.  It was an old looking restaurant with a lot of large gathering rooms upstairs with a buffet with all kinds of good food.


The brothers.  We made our poor waitress keep expanding our table to fit us all.


After a day in pouring, pouring rain, a 3 am wake up call before a 6 am flight, and walking (literally) about 10 miles that day – we cleaned up pretty nice.  And were SO ready for bed that night!!


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