The Wedding

From April 23….

We started the day visiting a tiny little church near the hotel.  We were all tired and Abbi is not used to sitting through the service – and a VERY long one, so she and I spent some time walking the neighborhood on the only pretty day of our trip.


Most of the cherry trees in DC had already bloomed due to the overall mild winter, but there were a few really pretty ones still in bloom.


We had time for a quick lunch and time to change before heading over to the wedding. Lilli signed us in.


We clean up pretty nice! The wedding was outside at an old mansion, and really Sunday was the only pretty day of the entire weekend! Frances got very lucky with weather and it was such a pretty day to be outside.


The wedding was delayed because the photographers had left some piece of equipment back at my brother’s house and they had to go back and get it.  Brent made a friend though, and we all got it on camera!


The wedding was very pretty and sweet.


The view from the back during one of Abbi’s bathroom breaks, aka she was pretty bored.


The married couple! Am I really old enough to have a married niece? Prob not.


The original Five.


Now with added spouses.


And with some of the kids, Aunt Nancy, and one less brother who was taking official pictures.


They had a formal dinner inside.  Abbi was all about the sparkle juice toast.


Maybe she had too much sparkle juice?


The dinner wasn’t a hit with the kids, but Abbi did eat two pieces of cake.  She only came for the cake.  #FloRidareference


The girl cousins.  Lilli loved meeting her “big” cousin.


The girls were all about the dancing! It was brief, but they had fun busting a move on the dance floor.


The outside of the mansion.


A bubble good-bye – always a hit.


Off they went!


They left in Frances’ antique car – with her driving.


Such a grand way to make an exit!


All the girls had wanted to do all weekend was swim – so after a day of church and sitting at the wedding and sitting at the dinner – we let them get all that energy out in the pool and finally spend some time playing with Kasey before we all had to head back towards home the next day.


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