May Days

From May 1 – 6…..

Lilli cashed in her chore points and bought herself a fidget spinner.  It was a strange fad that I’m not sure I understand, but every kid had one – even though they weren’t able to bring them to school!


My little buddies helped me plant some flower seeds.  I like to plant sunflowers, zinnias, and other wildflowers every year for lots of pretty cut flowers all summer long.


I’m not sure that Abbi should be trusted with sharp garden tools.


Afterwards we watered all our new plants and seeds.  Olli is a dog that LOVES the house.  He goes nuts when he sees it come out and wants to be sprayed straight in the face.  So odd.


The last All Pro Dad meeting of the year!


And finally it was time for the last school field trip of the year – to the Old Timey School House (Boiling Springs Academy here in Brentwood).  It’s an old one room school house that all 2nd graders in Brentwood get to spend a day in.  They have to come dressed in old time clothes and pack old time lunches.  They talked all about what that would look like and even watched a few Little House on the Prairie episodes to visualize it.  They had to memorize old idioms to recite and wrote on slate with chalk.  They had an entire day in the classroom (just her class, each class goes on a different day) where they learned in this more traditional way.  She LOVED it.  Parents didn’t get to go since it was basically just a regular school day, but a few weeks later they had the school open for the public and we went as a family to see inside it.  I see it every Saturday when I run since it’s right off the greenway and had never gone in.

They didn’t have to use outhouses – since it’s on the greenway they have bathrooms nearby.  So there were a FEW things they didn’t do like the old times!


Her lunch – we wrapped her sandwich and cookie in wax paper and string, she wanted whole fruit and everything in a bandana.  Luckily we had a few old bandanas from a strange running fad.


The day of her field trip you are not supposed to be late to school – they were leaving promptly at school start time and it was pouring down rain that day.  Our bus driver is the best, but when he’s out – nothing goes correctly.  When he wasn’t there right at 8:03 I knew something was up.  We wait until 8:10 and then I drive her – and on this day he was nowhere to be seen and I knew she couldn’t be late.  The car rider line is just miserable so we flew in and I got her to school right on time.  I can’t imagine driving her to school every day and messing with all that traffic.  We finally got the automated call around 8:20 – 15 minutes after he was due – that the bus was having issues and would be 30 more minutes.  I was so glad I drove her.

After a frustrating morning when I got to work we had a big surprise that a major client was so happy with our company they were paying for free, hand poured lattes for us all morning.  It was basically the best day of work ever.  These lattes were SO good and they even did fun designs on top.  Everyone had a few and the whole place was super jittery.


Saturday morning swim lessons! We did 8 weeks this year, knowing we’d miss two for travel.


We had the Godbys over on the day after Cinco de Mayo and cooked a little Mexican food.  The girls helped make our yummy Mexican Chocolate Cake – it’s secret is that it has cayenne pepper in it making it a little spicy.  So good! It had been years since we’d made it.


All that was left after our yummy fajita feast.  So good and even more fun to share it with friends!


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