The Rest of April

From April 25 – April 30……

We got back into the routine by enjoying Family Night at Blue Coast Burrito with their super awesome balloon guy.  Lilli got a Beauty and the Beast themed ring and Abbi a car.


We’re big Orange is the New Black fans and to get ready for the new season I read Piper Kerman’s memoir of her actual experience in prison.  So good, and so fun to see some of the similarities between the show and real life, and some of the real people she met.  I loved her quote on bravery.


Abbi’s school celebrated young child week and had parents come in on Friday to read to the class.  I read a few stories to her room and she was SO proud, especially because she knows I do things like this with Lilli.  She was quick to “shush” anyone who had the nerve to talk when I was reading.  They also hosted lunch for all the parents and kids to celebrate the week and I went and had lunch with her for the first time.  She loved it and of course was sad when I had to leave and she had to stay.


They’ve done an awesome job on the re-do of their playground.  Of course she loves this new car track.  How cute is that? I’d love to do something like this in our backyard whenever we get around to really making it an oasis.


Storage for all the cars – how cute is that???


Friday night we ate at a new cheesesteak/pizza place then went to check out a park over by the Tractor Supply headquarters.  It’s got a couple of small ponds, nice paved track and was a fun little find.


No playground, but they do have some fun and short little trails.


Swim lesson time!


We’d signed up online for free tickets to see Goodnight Moon at the Children’s Theater with the Godbys.  I always forget about the Children’s Theater but it’s such a great part of the community that I need to think of more often.  Just maybe not on free day for a young preschool show.  So many babies.  So much talking and crying, and Goodnight Moon was just a little……not my speed.  I think I may be more of a Broadway gal.  Abbi loved it and Lilli enjoyed it but it was a bit young for her, too.  They gave them all red balloons on a very windy day.  Tears were heard all over the parking lot as the sky filled up with them….


We swung by the Godbys house afterwards for a little porch sitting and playtime.


That night Miss Chelsey came over to babysit and we headed out to Parnassus Books – the little local shop owned by Ann Patchett, a fantastic local author.  We browsed and I bought a signed copy of Emily Ley’s book and then we had dinner at Green Hills Grille before spending some time over at the mall window shopping.


When someone finally tells you you have your dress tucked into your undies.  This girl.


That afternoon Abbi had a birthday party to attend for her best friend Isaac at My Gym.  We’d never been to a party there and it was so well done.  Lots of fun and energy and she stuck to him like glue and he followed her everywhere.


On their little zipline.


The group at the end.  A few of them are from her preschool class, the others are so friends or relatives of his.  She had a GREAT time with the birthday boy, right beside her.


She ate every bite of her cake and wasn’t going to leave until she was done.  Even if they were wrapping the tablecloths up around her…..


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