Another Tooth Bites the Dust

From May 6-10…..

Random places Abbi and Olli end up before church……


Sunday afternoon we had some flower bed helpers.  The moles destroyed our front beds and uprooted and killed two of my knockout roses.  We flattened their mounds and started scooping out old mulch to put down new fabric and revamp the front.


Hard work leads to piles of blankets and a short nap.


Abbi is always jealous of Lilli’s old electronics and I came across my old Ipod mini doing some cleaning.  She’s so proud of her new “phone”.  She doesn’t half know how to use it and runs the battery out quickly (and it’s probably around 10-11 years old so I doubt the battery is in great shape) but she loves it.  It’s a random time capsule of old running mixes and cracks me up watching her listen to it.


After all their hard work we had a Sweet Cici’s treat that night.  Of course she wore her “phone” belted to her shorts.


And still listening after shower time…..


One hazard of ordering groceries online through ClickList – you can’t read the details of packages.  I thought I was ordering my man some super manly burgers.  I had no clue these weren’t even meat.  So disgusting.


And tooth #5 came out at school! She was eating pretzels and realized she was trying to chew something that wasn’t a pretzel!


Another sweet tooth fairy note.  The tooth fairy went broke with those three teeth that fell out in less than three weeks time!


Evening frisbee time on those nice spring nights!


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