Mothers Day 2017

From May 11-14….

A little snail love after gymnastics….


Lilli had a birthday party to go to for one of her school friends, so Abbi had us all to herself for a few hours.  We took her to Pie 5 for pizza and then Krispy Kreme.  She was in heaven and super chatty, just soaking up the attention.  And the sugar.  At one point she asked if we could pretend her sister was dead and it was just her.  Ha!


Lilli had a blast at the party at Above All, an indoor trampoline park.  It’s the second party she’s been to there and she keeps asking to go just for fun.


The party favor was a ribbon for gymnastics.  Zoey also does gymnastics where Lilli takes classes and is in the trampoline program so we see her outside of school as well.  Zoey’s mom was nice and gave Abbi one, too.


Summer scoots and wagon rides.


We took the girls to Let It Shine for a Pre Mother’s Day date night.  We had dinner at Amerigos and then went to Michaels for some patriotic selfie taking.


And of course coffee.  Always! Soy Vanilla Lattes are my love language, and iced soy vanilla lattes for the summer, with the occasional pink ombre thrown in to mix it up!


Mother’s Day 2017 – Lilli was all about having her picture made with me after church.


She loves showing her teeth off with all those missing spots!


Abbi on the other hand – had to be tackled.  Also, our mowers didn’t show up that week so I wasn’t really happy about the scraggly grass.


It didn’t start out well, but it is what it is.


Finally she somewhat warmed up to it and we got one good one of the three of us.

IMG_0933_adj 2

And I managed to get one good one with her.  Brent probably did some decent work to get rid of the tears and snot after her meltdown…..


Brent grilled us out some steaks and made a nice lunch for us, and the girls had some nice cards and mugs they had made for me.  Lilli’s class did a little book, and Abbi’s class made a dish towel with their thumb prints.


And Brent got me some noise canceling Blue Tooth headphones.  They’re very nice and block out all kinds of noise around you.

We didn’t do a lot the rest of the day, Lilli was coming down with a sinus infection and didn’t feel well, so our usual Mother’s Day bike ride was postponed since she was under the weather.  But Brent did surprise me with Blue Coast for dinner, my fave food!


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