Spring Nights

From May 15-18…..

When you wake up waaaay too early.  You usually fall asleep back in Momma’s bed.


She wants to play Life 24-7.  In the Spring, we take our games outside and enjoy the fresh air!


Bike races in the street!


Lilli had her end of year 2nd grade picnic.  She requested McDs, so I brought us a couple of happy meals and we picnic-ed in the shade with her best friends and their mom/dad.


Brent had a Caddy for a day – his car had a recall so it was being repaired at the Cadillac dealer.  He was hoping it would be a loooong process.


Abbi got to ride in it to school, Lilli got picked up.  Everyone loved that car!


She loves when she gets to play for a few minutes at Abbi’s school.  I think she misses pre-K and all the free play versus school and all the learning!


The day before Brent’s birthday I had him worried I might be sending him a birthday singing telegram or clown – so when I told him he had a delivery at the front he was worried.  I couldn’t find anyone to deliver cupcakes to his sound of town, so instead I ordered an afternoon snack of cheese sticks, cookies, and brownies for him and his coworkers.  Resources are limited for delivery out there, but they all enjoyed it and it was a fun way to kick off our celebrations of the big 4-0!


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