The Big 4-0!

From May 19-20…..

On May 19th Brent turned the Big 4-0.  I debated and debated for months about what to do – plan a family trip, couples trip, big party, little party, what to do?? The day he turned 30 I had him up until (literally) 5 am laying hardwood floors, so I knew we could do better this time.

In the end, and after getting a little feedback from him, I decided to focus on RELAXATION.  We both took the day off work (luckily it was a Friday! Long weekends are the best!) Lilli got on the bus for school and we dropped Abbi off at daycare – and never told them our plans to play the day away.  If we did, someone would suddenly have been sick…..

First stop – surprise breakfast at Holler and Dash.  It’s a new breakfast place that’s opened near us that we hadn’t tried yet.


We tried to eat light, but man – they had some good Southern food!


From there we headed to A Moment’s Peace for massages.  We used to do fun stuff like that before we had kids, but it’s been years since Brent has been and I rarely go more than once a year! It was SO great and we walked out of there feeling super relaxed.


We grabbed some sandwiches from a deli and headed to Arrington for a picnic and to relax the afternoon away.  We couldn’t below how busy it was on a Friday afternoon.  We snagged a table to eat on, and then worked our way into one of the swings.


We just relaxed and hung out in the swing and spent the afternoon just laughing and talking before heading home for a short nap before having to pick up the kids.


Then I surprised him with dinner reservations for us and Jeff and Michelle at Uncle Julio’s, and a babysitter for the 4 kids so we could really enjoy ourselves! I can’t believe we didn’t get a picture of the 4 of us.

Our food was so good.  They have THE best steak fajitas.  We were still stuffed from breakfast and lunch but made room for more food!


We headed back to our house for cake – Brent’s favorite – chocolate cake from Publix.  I had the brilliant idea to put 40 candles on it.  The candles I’d ordered from Clicklist that week were really not good – and took FOREVER to light.  Abbi was concerned…..


Lilli was VERY concerned and panicky…….


On the flip side – I think Serif thought the cake of fire was a fantastic idea.


We had to get these fast before the entire cake melted. HA!


Basically the entire top layer of the cake was wax.  Oh well, it was a fun idea! Lilli asked me to never do that again.  I think she was one more candle away from dialing 911 and starting an emergency exit plan.


The only group pic we got and Michelle wasn’t in it! I can’t believe we didn’t do a birthday selfie.  We had such a great day and I’m so glad the Godby’s got to celebrate with us. And that I didn’t burn the house down.


Abbi’s class picture for the year.  She had the best teachers, even if Ms Barb doesn’t look so happy to be there.


The next day Lilli’s BFF Reese was having her birthday party – a sock hop.  Such a fine idea.  We have had this skirt forever, and I found an old scarf to tie around her neck.  We watched a few Grease videos to get her prepared.


Lilli and Reese.  Best Buds!


All the sock hop girls! It was such a cute party and their favor was a hula hoop – so fun!


The sock hop girls! Lilli wasn’t feeling great, her allergies had been bothering her all week so after the party I ended up taking her straight to the doctor for some medicine.  She’s had a rough time with the allergies this year and has started taking Flonase periodically.


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