The End of The Year

From May 21 – 24….

My morning yoga mat hog.  Coach isn’t great about staying out of the way…..


I had noticed on my morning run the previous day that Boiling Springs Academy was going to be open for visitors on Sunday afternoon, so we rode our bikes from the park up to it so Lilli could show us where they’d had their old time school field trip.  She was SO excited to show us and it’s such a cute place.


They had the slate boards out for the kids to write with and lots of old pictures and things for you to look at along with a guide.  They had a lot of fun playing school for a few minutes.


Such a fun old school house!


We rode on past the schoolhouse and up the greenway to the railroad tunnel before turning back.  We did about 8 miles that day and on our way back saw this guy crossing the greenway.


Of course Abbi had to get up close to him, too.  I think I’m the only person who didn’t take a picture!


We went and got new bedding for Abbi’s room.  We converted the old crib – toddler bed – into it’s full size option and got a mattress for the room (one of the fun foam ones that comes in a rolled up box!) The bedding looks so cute and we have a few more finishing touches to make it a cozy guest room.


Riding bikes at night – they ride back and forth from Captain’s house to ours.


And finally the last day of school was here! Lilli loved her teacher and was so sad for the year to be ending.


She said Mrs Klein loves Sonic so we got her a gift card.


And she wanted to make a card for her bus driver.  He really was the best driver, and always has been! He already knows Abbi’s name and speaks to her every morning. She can’t wait to get on that bus.


So cute!


She wanted to wear her Be Nice school shirt on the last day and go with a blue theme….


I’m sure she grew and looks older, but I imagine the biggest change was all those missing teeth!


One last morning out there waiting on the bus!


What are we doing to do all summer with these crazy girls?!?!?


One last 2nd grade ride…..


And I picked her up after that half day – no longer a 2nd grader but now a rising 3rd grader! Halfway done at her school now, halfway to middle school!


So we celebrated that night by heading to the new Jeni’s ice cream in our neighborhood.  Their ice cream is great, very fresh and different.  It’s not cheap so this is the only time we’ve been there.  Ha!


Just another night, taking a walk and poking a dead squirrel with a stick!


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