Lake Lure, Day 1

From May 25 – 26…..

With Lilli out of school we had a couple of day to bridge before summer camps started.  I worked from home with her one day, and then Brent took a day off and they had a fun day doing whatever she wanted, just the two of them.  She wanted to go to Crockett Park and play…..


and get Icees.  She’s pretty easy to please.  And so hilarious with those teeth.


After work that evening we were ready to head to Lake Lure, North Carolina for the Memorial Day weekend.  We had originally booked a beach house back in December, and in February they called to cancel my reservation unless I made it a full week.  We’re just not week long beach people, and at that point all the good (aka affordable) houses were taken.  We decided to just skip the beach and go back to Aunt Nancy’s lake house.  You can’t beat the price and it’s just five hours away.

Our only stop on the way was at McD’s where they burned off energy while we ordered food.


We made it to NC pretty late, and arrived at her house around midnight, making the last hour of curvy mtn roads pretty tiring.  Especially since no one fell asleep……


Cozy in their futon on the first night, after midnight.


We all slept in the next morning, made a big breakfast and then took the girls to a playground with a view while we figured out what we wanted to do.  Aunt Nancy had a terrible flu bug so she stayed at home most of the time while we explored.


The Visitors Center had some fun Dirty Dancing props to pose with.


We found a nearby trail to hike, grabbed some sandwiches for a picnic and headed out.


It wound around a golf course and had some scenic views and a few decent climbs, but overall was pretty tame.


Afterwards we took the girls over to Chimney Rock.  They were dying to play on the rocks and in the shops.


The water was high and fast and basically we were all certain that at any time Abbi would fall in.  I thought this was so cute and sweet of Lilli just keeping a handle on her.


Just the girls, keeping one girl out of the water.

IMG_4899 copy

We walked around the rocks until we found a protected little cove for them to splash around in.  We showed them their boundaries and let them splash a bit.  It was a warm and sunny day, but that water was definitely still cool.


They loved watching a few ducks float by.


Abbi, queen of the world.


They love all the touristy little shops, full of random treasures.


Totally her.


We went back to the house to cook some dinner, and then afterwards we all got out for  walk around the lake.


Lilli wrote some love notes to us all in the sand.


Such a nice way to end the evening, the views around the lake are so pretty with the water and the mountains.


Sunset on a fun first day kicking off the beginning of summer…….


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