Lake Lure, Day 2

From May 27 –

We woke up and had a quick breakfast and then our plan was to head to the beach for the morning and then go back to the house to have some lunch with Aunt Nancy.

The beach was one of the big draws for us this trip, it wasn’t open at all during Fall Break, which is really a shame because you can always play in the water’s edge without swimming and it’s such a great beach area.  But, it’s not free and has life guards and all kinds of things, so it’s only open Memorial Day – Labor Day weekends.

Parking was already tough early that morning (due to the craft fair) so we did have to walk a bit to go to the beach, but it was much worse by the time we left.


We’d forgotten to bring sand buckets so we got two little ones in the shop and the girls had a lot of fun playing around in the sand and water.  Such a pretty view! The water was pretty cold, there’s no way I would have gone swimming but lots of people had floats and were having a great time.


We got there not too long after they opened and people slowly trickled in, so for a while we had this section all to ourselves!


Such a pretty and relaxing area.


After maybe 2 hours or less, the girls were bored.  I think we had to argue with them to even stay 2 hours, and admission wasn’t cheap.  We had hoped we could relax for a while, stretch out, and just enjoy it, but they’re always getting bored and wanting to move on to the next thing.  And that’s exactly when we decided there was no way were driving 8 hours for vacation to go to the beach for people to get bored in less than 2 hours.


After lunch we headed over to the craft fair.  There were some cute things, but nothing we just had to have.  The girls had some snow cones and I got Brent a fried pie which was pretty much amazing.


From there we headed to the Flowering Bridge, another spot we hadn’t explored yet and had always wanted to.  It’s a bridge full of flowers and just all kinds of whimsy.


Besides the really pretty flowers, they had all kinds of neat little touches.  How fun (and simple) would this be to do in your yard?


And this little door to open – the girls played with it for such a long time.  Another fun and easy idea for when we finally get our backyard turned into something fun.


And of course all the different types of flowers and plants were fun to explore and learn about.


Lilli loved all the little fairy house touches.  She’s really into fairy houses and gnomes.


A little selfie action started a whole chain of posing for pictures.


Some of the girls.


Abbi took this one and was really cracking Lilli up.


Abbi was just a hot, tired mess when we got back and a meltdown of epic proportion turned into me taking her upstairs and about 5 minutes later she was passed out.


Later that night after dinner we got out the sparklers we’d picked up from the grocery store.  Sparklers are always a huge hit for them.


Why have one when you can have two?


If you can’t beat them, join them!


That’s a party! A sparkler party…..


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