Lake Lure, Day 3

From May 28 – 29….

For our last day in the area we decided to head another way and explore the town of Rutherfordton.  It had ties to the gold rush and boasted about being a kid friendly town with lots of things for kids to do, including this scavenger hunt.


It turned out to be a pretty big bust.  The town is pretty much rolled up with nothing going on, but Lilli did somewhat enjoy the scavenger hunt.  It took us to a graveyard where you look for various tombstones – like Civil War, and other unique ones.  Lilli enjoyed that and Abbi ended up in a fire ant situation.  So overall, we’ll skip coming back here.

Abbi did enjoy directing the non-existent traffic.


We drove out to some sort of historic gold mine, but it was also a couple of signs out in a hot field and not much to look at.


And in taking this picture – Brent ended up in a fire ant nest and bitten all over his ankles.  This town isn’t full of much – except fire ants.


From there we had lunch at Waffle House (seriously, nothing at all local or fun was open!) and then finally took the girls back to Chimney Rock for gem mining.  They’d been asking all weekend to do it and it’s there favorite thing to do there.


They really do give you some great things in your sand bucket!


After dinner we headed back to the Lake for one last adventure and walk around it.  Aunt Nancy was still feeling bad but came out for our evening walk.


There had been a wedding there earlier so we took advantage of the scenery for a few pics.


I’m not sure what she said to get Abbi laughing!


With the pretty pergola…


Most of our time is spent keeping Abbi from dangerous situations….


Such a pretty sunset…….


The next morning, Memorial Day, we woke up and headed back towards Nashville.  It was a pretty slow roll on the busy holiday and we did end up in a few bad traffic jams.


But the best part of any long drive home:


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