Granny Camping

From June 8 – 14…..

They did sidewalk chalk during camp one day and the entire Maryland Farms Y was decorated with a lot of “Katelyn and Lilli BFF” artwork.  So cute.  She and Katelyn will be in the same class this upcoming school year, so she’s excited about that.


So much back flipping going on this summer!


A little Friday night tanning.  This little one is just a golden brown, tan, little Coppertone baby.


Friday night fun!


Just checking out the scene…..


Saturday morning we dropped them off in Hohenwald for a week of Granny Camp.  Abbi’s school was going to be closed 3 days for their annual conference, so it was a good week to plan some grandparent time.  We headed down Natchez Trace on our way back and stopped at a few scenic spots before heading to Davy Crockett State Park.  We’ve decided one of our goals is to do more state park visiting.


It was an ok park, there weren’t a ton of trails and none were especially scenic.  I’m glad we got to visit, but I’m not sure it’s one we would return to.


A view from below a waterfall….there may have been a trail around it, but things weren’t marked clearly and a lot of things looked like trails but went nowhere.


The prettiest trail was this one around the creek.


And then occasionally we’d get stuck on something scary like this that starts out looking like a trail but then dead ends in the middle of overgrown brush.  Not cool.


There were a lot of people sitting and splashing in the creek.  And smoking.  So much smoking.


We ended up hiking 3.5 miles before heading back home.  The next afternoon we went to the pool for some kidless tanning.  They were having a summer kick off party, complete with the news there, so it was a bit crowded but still fun! They had free snacks and a DJ and we enjoyed actually getting to read and relax at the pool.


During the work week we’d usually cook dinner then go for a walk.  An unwelcome visitor one night – this snake who was also crossing the greenway.


The girls were having a pretty good time, too!


They always love getting to spend time with their cousins.


I caught up with an old friend over lunch one day!


And on one of our walks we even got to the see the train going over the Greenway.  It’s always fun texting pics like this to the kids to get back the “no fair” response.


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