Summer Randoms

From May 30 – June 7…..

We had a double rainbow one night after dinner.


Such a rare sighting brought a ton of excitement….


One night they wanted to get sporty and shoot hoops.  So we did.


What she lacks in height and shooting ability she totally makes up for in sassiness.


One night we went to a little park nearby and walked and fed the fish some bread crumbs.  That week of summer Lilli was at the camp at her school, which she deemed the most boring.  Glad we got that out of the way early.


Pool time! The nights when they aren’t crowded are the best.


Looking cute at the pool.


If they’re both missing, odds are that they’re under the desk.  With a stolen Ipad.


We had a lot of fun watching our Predators make a run towards the Stanley Cup.  They got so close!


The second week of summer she was at the Y for “Sports” week.  They played lots of games and went on a field trip to the other Y in Brentwood for some games and a field day.  She was sad that a lot of the counselors she loved the last few summers weren’t back this year, but like the rest of these kids they grow up, graduate from college, and move on to the “real world”.  She did get Camper of the Day one day this week and she was excited about that, and a lot of her friends were there that week, too!


Rainy Day puddle jumping.


Nothing like running through the big puddles on the block!


Brent built a new table for our sunroom, and Lilli helped him a little. She wanted to sign the underneath of the pedestal base…..


Some of those first pool nights can be kinda chilly……


After an evening at the pool we went to McAlisters to celebrate Pepper turning 3.  I’d say she was pretty excited about it!


The kids table – where all the excitement happens….


Holding hands and running off into the sunset.  Or the busy parking lot, whatever works.


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