Summer Fun

From June 18 – 23…..

On Father’s Day the girls at least cooperated enough to pose and actually smile AT THE SAME TIME for a few pictures!


Daddy’s sweet girls!


Best buds.


When they’re supposed to be sleeping but the radio station mentions the weather and they start texting you……


It was time for her annual week at the local Camp Widji! She went with 5 of her friends and they had a great week.  It was a rainy week with a tropical storm moving through, so it wasn’t quite as fun as years past and she brought home some seriously muddy everything every day.  I did sign her up for a horseback ride and she LOVED it and has been interested in doing their horse camp next year.


The pictures they took this year were nowhere near as good as in years past, but this one of her and some friends was cute.  They did all the usual boating, hiking, archery, swimming and lake play, games, arts and crafts, sports, ziplines and all kinds of active, outdoors stuff!


Nighttime trampoline fun….


She and I are going to a Mother Daughter overnight weekend there in September so I was looking up the registration info and found her picture on their website as the “Swimming” tab.  That picture was from last year – when she had all her teeth!


Ice cream night.  I’m really not sure how she does this!


She was excited that Lilli was going to a slumber party so she woke up REALLY early on Friday morning.  I told her we all still had to make it through work and school before she had us all to herself!


Lilli had a great time at Livvy’s slumber party.  She wanted ice cream sundaes and they watched a movie and I’m sure did a LOT of giggling!


For her special night, Abbi wanted to go somewhere with guac.  We can always handle that!


Then we took her to Carmax where all her dreams came true.  A lot full of all kinds of cars and you can get in and out of them all night.


She sat in a million cars and basically could’ve stayed forever!


Then we took her to Toys R Us and gave her $5 to buy more Hot Wheels.


And then topped it off with donuts – her fave is Krispy Kreme where they can watch them being made.  Abbi’s best night! She gets upset when Lilli is gone, so we try hard to make it fun for her.


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