Grandma Camp

From June 24 – June 29…..

We picked Lilli up from her slumber party and headed to meet my parents around Dickson for lunch and to transfer the girls for a week of Grandma Camp.

After we ate and left them for their adventures we headed over to Montgomery Bell State Park to do some hiking and exploring.

It’s a really pretty park and the trails were generally really well marked.  They had some fairly long trails, but none were difficult or really anything all that rustic.  The ones around water were the prettiest.


Some of them were paved and crossed around all the different pavilions and campgrounds, but we mostly did the actual trails.


A little no kid selfie!


The lake was really pretty and calm, near the inn on the property.


We even saw a few people out in small boats.


Some of the other trails around the park got a little monotonous and boring, but it was a nice shady trail with lots of vegetation and poison ivy!


We ended up doing a little over 5 miles.  At one point we somehow ended up getting on a trail that was longer than the way the map made it look, but none of the trails were tough.


Meanwhile, during the week at Grandma Camp they did all kinds of fun things like visit neighbors with chickens.


Of course they both came back wanting chickens!


We don’t eat out a lot when they’re gone (or when they’re here) but we do enjoy making some delicious food and not hearing any complaints.  We’ve stumbled across this fantastic recipe for cooking steak and we don’t do it any other way now.  We also make our own herb butter that goes on top.  So good.


We had just enough blackberries on our bush this year to make a delicious gluten free cobbler.  It was SO good.


I read a book on Hygge – a Danish way of living simply and being happy.  Overall it wasn’t a great book, but did have some interesting things to say on how to be joyful in the simple things of every day life.


And meanwhile at Grandma camp a lot of fish were being caught and they were doign all kinds of fun things like Chuck E Cheese and going to see the brand new Cars 3 movie, and just enjoying sleeping in and playing around the house all day.

Some people prefer overalls and flip flops to fish in, some people don’t ever see a reason not to be fancy.


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