July 4th-ing

From June 30 – July 1……

After work on Friday we drove to my parent’s house and Bruce and his family were already there.  Abbi was already hot on the trail of giving Chloe the attention she normally saves for Olli…….


We had to do the annual run to Walmart to pick up all the things Bruce and Suzy forgot, and we had a little stowaway.  Who ended up whacking herself in the forehead and getting a big bruise from sitting in this heavy duty cooler.


The girls all had a “sleepover” in the small bedroom downstairs, and since we no longer need the crib we even got booted to a downstairs bedroom.  Abbi was up early with a Kool Aid moustache and a best friend to play with.


She wasn’t going to let me out of her sights after being gone for a week, so she was our +1 on a mule ride with Bruce and Cody.


And man, it was dusty.  And hot.


At Walmart we’d bought some of the fun little balloons you fill up with the hose and don’t have to do all the tying and it ended up being the hit of the weekend.  And Lilli and those abs – goodness! It has me tempted to do a chicken nugget diet.


Everyone had a really good time with them, including the guys and we all ended up getting a little soaked.  We’ll have to get a lot more for next year.

Later they soaked their toes in the buckets and mostly were glued to electronics.


And Abbi was glued to the neighborhood dogs – that were covered in ticks.


They do know how to stay cool in the shade.


Brent even made a new friend.


Wagon rides…..


And I finally had a turn at driving the mule.


We went out for fish that night.  It’s a great fish place but they’ve never been that slow before – we must be smiling here because we didn’t know how long it was going to take to get our food at this point!


Just a little dessert to go along with all that food!


When we got back we did some sparklers and then the dogs got upset about the fireworks so we ended our show and called it a night.


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