From July 2 – 3….

On the way home from Grandma’s house….one worn out little girl.


We were hoping to get to go to the pool that afternoon, but some thunderstorms dumped a bunch of rain on us and the pool closed for the day.  They made do with a giant puddle instead.


It basically became Abbi’s personal, and very muddy, pool.


A little after dinner walk on a greenway.  America!


Brent finished the new table for the sunroom! It’s the perfect size for the space and we got some new chairs At Home.


This year for vacation we rented a house near Chattanooga for a few days.  We’d already been to Alabama for Spring Break, NC for Memorial Day, DC for Frances’ wedding and have tickets for Chicago for Fall Break.  So we kept summer simpler.

We were heading to our rental house later in the week, so for Monday of our week off we did some stay-cationing.  We hadn’t been to the zoo in forever, so we went there for a little while to see the animals.


But it was a pretty rainy day.  We’d use our umbrellas some, hide under awnings some, and do the indoor exhibits during the showers.


And once again – the kangaroos were in their shelter and not letting us pet them.


Then the heavier part of the storm moved in and we started heading back to our car.  Lilli wore my hat and just skipped along in the rain.  After a few days in constant rain at Camp Widji this year she’s decided rain is just no big deal and the show must go on.


I think Abbi’s in the picture.  Or some other kid with my Canada umbrella.


We headed over to the new Plaza Mariachi for lunch and Brent and I split tacos and street corn.  So stinking good.


They also have a kids play place (like a Dave and Busters) inside – the climbing structure is free – so we let the girls do that for a while.


And then that night we voted to go over to Opry Mills and have Rainforest for dinner.  We never make it over to Opry Mills and it has a lot of fun things like the Disney and Lego stores for them, and the Kate Spade outlet for me! The wait for the Rainforest was an hour and a half, so we got all our shopping and browsing in before dinner.


Their food is just absolutely terrible, but the atmosphere is fun.  Abbi wasn’t a big fan of the thunderstorms and lightning, but they had a lot of fun walking around and seeing the animals and aquariums.  And it’s something we can cross off our list for a few years!


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