July 4th and Vacation, Part 1

From July 4th – 5th…..

It was nice being home this year on the July 4th holiday.  We had taken all week off as our vacation week, so it was a great week to just enjoy some things around us and then get out of town for a few days, too.

Our plans for July 4th were basically the pool, the pool, and the pool.  The weather was kind of iffy at points and really sunny at other times! We got lucky and the dark clouds never ended up producing any thunder.  And we were REALLY lucky in that the pool was not crowded at all that day!


We were there basically from opening whistle to closing whistle with the Godbys! We ordered a pizza for lunch and lounged and played all afternoon (I think they were only open 12-4 or something like that.) On the negative side, all of us except Abbi ended up getting burned! We had sunscreened and even re-applied, but the sun was much stronger than we thought it was that day.  It ended up being our only sunburn this entire year, but Lilli’s poor back got really red.

We had a great time and I tried the water slides for the first time and I’m HOOKED now.  So fun! Lilli is finally tall enough for them this year, so we’ve had a lot of fun sliding and racing down the green and blue slides.


We came home and cooked some dinner before heading out to the Brentwood fireworks show at Crockett Park.  We have a great show, with a concert before hand.  But, the weather was pretty amazing so all of Brentwood tried to head in.  We ended up getting close to the park, but the police closed the park for more cars and we had to all turn around.  We ended up getting a spot in a nearby church and had a great view of the show.  Some other friends couldn’t even get that close because they actually closed down the road to more traffic.  Note to self – get there really early or just park at the church next year!


It really was a really nice show, about 15 minutes of fireworks.  Lilli was in awe.


Abbi….thought it was a bit loud.  She really did like it – but she’s not a fan of anything loud.  The best part was how easy it was to get out of the church parking lot afterwards – no endless traffic jams and we were home in less than 5 minutes.


One of the nice displays…..


Afterwards we went home and got our sparklers out and the other fireworks we’d bought the weekend before.  They were just small Roman candles and a few other little things, but the girls really enjoyed them.




The next morning Brent needed to run into the office and drop off a few things while I took care of a phone call, so he took two little visitors with them.  They always love visiting work, and seeing what candy or books they can come home with…….


From there we got loaded up and headed to our cabin in Georgia.  It was only 2.5 hours away, near Chattanooga just across the Tennessee line.  We just didn’t want to drive to the beach this year, and mostly they just want to swim in a pool.  So, I rented a house with a pool and hot tub, with nearby hiking and Chattanooga just 30 minutes away.

Abbi asleep – Lilli with an arm full of stuffed animals.


As soon as we got there we got some floats blown up and the girls hit the water.  Our time there ended up being off and on showers, but the water felt great and it ended up being really nice.  Very few of the showers lasted more than a few minutes, so most of the time we’d stay in the water and pretty often a storm would pop up and then fizzle out before it hit the mountain.


Sitting in a float relaxing – my idea of vacation! I think a lazy river trip is in our future.


From the pool to the hot tub – back and forth.  And repeat.  The hot tub was huge and they basically pushed every button a million times.  Which made it less than relaxing.


Lots and lots of this.


That night we ran to Walmart to get our groceries for our stay (we really like cooking on our trips!) and a few new floaties made their way into our cart.  The whale was the hit of the trip.

To be continued……….


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