Vacation Day 2 & 3

From July 6-7……

We spent all day Thursday at the house and declared it “swim day”.  From after breakfast until bedtime we were basically in and out of the pool and hot tub all day.  Everyone took a turn taming the whale….


My favorite picture of Abbi from the entire summer – pure joy.


The hot tub isn’t always where I’d pick to be in the middle of the hot sunny day, but we stuck it out with them!


Brent spent most of that morning blowing up all our floaties – we mostly have two of everything and we all liked floating around in the rings and the various seats we’ve bought over the years and don’t get to use enough.


Just the girls!


Daddy and his girls…..


We came inside for lunch and to get out of the sun for a few minutes and a big storm popped up – we ran out to get our speakers and electronics, and rescue our towels from getting drenched.  The entire week had a lot of various pop up showers that never lasted more than a few minutes.


More hot tubbing.


It’s hard to relax when you’re always under attack!


After dinner we sat outside and enjoyed the patio while doing some reading and relaxing.


And ice cream before bedtime – a vacation must when you want to eat that ice cream you bought so it doesn’t go to waste when it’s time to leave!


On Friday we woke up and after breakfast we headed to Cloudland Canyon State Park for hiking.  We packed some sandwiches and had a picnic before our hike.  It was SUCH a pretty park and a place I’d love to visit again and explore more of the trails.


When Abbi first saw this waterfall she remembered hiking near one similar in NC at Aunt Nancy’s house and asked if she was nearby.



It was such a pretty area, and they have hang gliding somewhere nearby in the canyon.


They had quite a few trails and we decided to do the 2 mile strenuous waterfall trail.


The rocks, trees, foliage and landscape were just beautiful.  By far one of the prettiest places we’ve ever been.


We went to one waterfall – it was full and gorgeous.  All the rain had the waterfall very active and the river below had a quick current.


There were also so many stairs.  I think something like 1,200.  Going down was a breeze – but coming back up Abbi’s legs got “so busy” and the hike got very long.


Bottom of a waterfall.


Both waterfalls had signs about it being unsafe to get in, but some people were risking it at each one.  We wouldn’t let the girls in the water at all, it was deep and really fast.


Panoramic of one of the waterfalls:


The actual trails were well marked and well maintained.  They had some rocks and hills, but other than the stairs weren’t terribly difficult.


Every little notch in the rocks was a fairy cave to Lilli – she was certain all kinds of fairies live in these rocks and crevices.


We did it! Back at the top afterwards.



I love this sweet look on Abbi’s face.


They were a little tired afterwards.  HA!


That night after dinner we did more swimming and hot tubbing – and noticed all the frogs coming out.  The first night of frog catching the girls were a bit timid and unsure of holding them.


It didn’t take too long for them to warm up to all the frogs – and accept the pee that most of the frogs left behind in their hands!


Never to be outdone – Abbi caught plenty of frogs on her own, too! Hers ended up getting a lot of tough love, and a headache from twirling around…..and probably a concussion from being dropped.


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