Back in the Groove

From July 10 – 14……

It was back to reality and back to the normal (summer) routine.

Abbi’s class was studying farm animals that week.  She hit the nail on the head with cows, but we haven’t had a cat in over two years……


Abbi has never been big on dress up and never wanted any of Lilli’s old princesses costumes until this past summer.  For some reason once she moved up into Pre-K she’s been a lot more interested in playing dress up.  She still doesn’t care anything about WHO the princesses are – but she likes to wear the dresses.  On this night she asked if she could wear the “fancy blue dress” out for errands.

I said “You mean the Cinderella dress?”

“No, just the fancy blue one.”

Bless her heart, she has no idea these costumes represent anything.


We finally were able to get someone out to remove a few stumps from trees we’d cut back in the winter.  It was such a small job no one really wanted to come out and do it.


Summer nights on the trampoline.  A great way to burn some calories! Definitely one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.


Abbi was gifted an outfit from Pepper – no one can rock ath-leisure the way Abbi can!


Summer nights playing at the park after dinner…..


and cooling off in the creek as the sun sets.


On that Friday night we went out on a “family date”.  We had pizza at Pie Five and then gave them $5 each to spend at Toys R Us.  I can assure you this giant unicorn was not in her budget.  She ended up with a kit to make slime and Abbi got…. Hot Wheels.  (no surprise).

This particular week Lilli was at the Y for a STEM (math/science/engineering) type camp and in the middle of the week she started having a pretty bad earache on the day of their Adventure Science field trip.  She ended up having a double ear infection AND double swimmers ear.   And she wasn’t allowed to swim for a full week, which kind of stank during the hot, best pool days of the summer.  She was in a lot of pain but thankfully the antibiotics and ear drops kicked in quickly.  It was the first time she’d ever missed a day of summer camp!


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