Vacation Day 5 – Rock City

From July 9th….

On our last day we woke up, packed up, cleaned up, and headed out of our rental house.  We had decided we all wanted to go to Rock City, so we headed that way for one last adventure before heading home.

It was the prettiest day of our entire trip, and we weren’t alone in thinking it would be a nice day for Rock City.  In fact we were pretty much NEVER alone the entire time we were there!


It seems like we usually visit in Fall, so it was nice to see everything in summer. And it’s been so long since our last visit that Abbi doesn’t remember it at all.


Squeezing through…..


It’s tradition for us to make scary faces under the Goblins.  Abbi wasn’t impressed, but she was more than happy to block our pictures.  (Of course last time she was pouting, so maybe that is her thing: 2014 and not born yet in 2011).


We even went to the birds of prey show.  They had several birds on display – and had them fly around the arena.  He opened the show saying it was not a good show for people who are scared of birds.  And so I was less than thrilled when they’d fly around buzzing our ears.


And they got to pose with a few of the birds, too.


They actually come to our area pretty often to help with rescue birds and do school programs.


Posing with the mascot….Abbi was scared so she drug me in there.


The views were crisp and clear that day.


A great day for a lot of selfies with the 7 states in the background.


Couples selfie.


Family selfie – Lilli was worried about being dropped over the ledge. Ha!


Squeezing through again….


Getting photobombed near Lovers Leap.


Such a pretty day…….


The girls and I were out on the ledge.


See Rock City!


When we got to the Fairyland Caverns at the end the girls were in heaven.  That section is so old, but they loved all the fairytales and the big room of them at the end.  It was sweltering hot in there and I thought they’d never move on – they had to read each and every one! It was definitely their highlight of Rock City.


From there we stopped for some ice cream on our way out of Chattanooga and then made the drive home to unpack and get ready to head back to work, school, and summer camps.  Another fun vacation in the books!


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