Farm Days

From July 15…..

Lilli got to work making slime on Saturday morning from her $5 spend at Toys R Us the night before.  She’d been dying to make slime for a few weeks after doing something with it at camp, so she was excited to find a slime kit on clearance within their budget.


That Saturday was the annual Farm Days at Ellington Ag that we love going to.  (2014, 2015, 2011, and I know several other years but they aren’t popping up).  That morning we’d had a ton of thunder and lightning, but it seemed to mostly be staying on top of Nashville.  We waited out most of the rain and then went over to Summer Saturdays – they were only having it two Saturdays this year, and Lilli and I already had plans with Girl Scouts for the following weekend.   This is one of our favorite family activities, so we didn’t want to miss out.

The rain had really kept people away, but was clearing out when we got there.  As a result, the girls got tons of extra attention.  Lilli said she did’t want to ride the donkeys at first, but we were able to talk her into it.  After riding real horses at camp last summer she’s a little particular about tiny ponies and donkeys but we talked her into riding so that Abbi would also ride.


Looking so cute on her little donkey.


And looking giant on her donkey.


Sisters! I just accidentally cut the donkeys off though. Ha!


Since no other kids were around waiting to ride the girls got to lead the little donkeys around as long as they wanted to and also brush them.


These mules are there every year and are so pretty.


We did the arts and crafts and then looked in the old time houses, and stopped at the loom weaving lady.  She did a demo and then let Lilli weave – Lilli enjoyed it and the lady was really impressed with her skills.  She said she was the first kid all day who did exactly what she had told them to do without having to be reminded of the steps!


Then they went to the leather station and made bracelets and key chains with their initials on them.


Inside the museum they had a few birds of prey.  Since there was no crowd the handler was actually letting people hold them! Lilli held the hawk – and he started flapping while she was holding him.  She stayed still and the guy regained control – I would have thrown that bird across the room and kept on running!


And with the owl! The birds were a little wild that day!


Brent asked if he could hold the hawk and owl.  I did not.


We also did the carriage ride around the park.


And then we stopped to visit the horses in their stable.  All of the police horses for Metro Nashville live here when they’re not working.  They had done a show earlier in the morning but we missed it.

Somehow I think this is “the year of the horse” in our house.  This is generally how I prefer them – behind a gate, rubbing their head.


I thought I’d try to get a little selfie with King.


And then he moved and basically I thought he was going to bite my face off, so most of my time around horses I’m making this scared face.  Let’s just remember that before we get to Mother Daughter weekend where I pretty much had to spend the entire weekend actually RIDING these GIANTS.  I think I’m just a city girl.


Much more calm here…..

Horses are very pretty.  And are meant to be petted.


Later that night, just riding up and down the street.  Next spring both girls are going to need to upgrade to the next size of bike!


I think Lilli will be ready for a ten speed and we can really hit the greenway, and Abbi should fit nicely on this bike.


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