Girl Scouting

From July 21 – 23….

Sometimes those strong summer thunderstorms can create a bit of chaos –


but mostly it ends up with people in their sleeping bags in our bedroom floor.  They’re just too big these days to get up in bed with us – especially if we want to get any sleep at all.


Friday was water day for Abbi – she was bringing it in my favorite little swimsuit from Old Navy and her headband.


Last day of zoo camp for this summer! She loved it and can’t wait to go again next year.


Friday night at Krispy Kreme with these cutie pies!


Everyone loves donut night!


Lilli joined Girl Scouts this year.  Her troop started last year but we missed the cutoffs and towards the end of the school year a couple of girls were moving away so some of her friends asked us to join.  The troop doesn’t meet in the summer, but we did have a July outing for a little summer get together.  We met bright and early to go canoeing on the west side of town – we got a late start because one of the girls was running really late.  By the time we got to the canoe company the lines were insane.  It took us forever to get checked in, get a van ride to the launch point, and once we were there the line to get into the river took us another 45 minutes.  Oh, and it was 100-101 degrees that week.  Our driver left us while we were waiting to get unloaded and we literally were about to pass out from heat stroke and we all piled out of the van.


I’ve never canoed before, except for once in college during freshman orientation.  Lilli has canoed at some of her camps, but that’s a little different than heading down a river.  Thanks to the heat and dry summer the river was incredibly shallow and not very frightening.  Lilli and I shared a canoe with Emerson and her mom, Carol.  They were in kindergarten together so we’ve been friends for years, and now they’re in third grade together.  Our leader, Stephanie, had planned a few stops along the way.  I think the girls had more fun getting out and splashing than they did canoeing.


They used our seat cushions to float down the side and had the best time.


We made two stops on the way, one for splashing and swimming and one for swinging into the river.  We also saw a snake along the way, and the girls lost their oars about a dozen times.   It was quite the workout.  For the moms.


And our group at the end – we all survived! The moms in the back – me, Carol (Emerson’s mom), Jenn (Livvy’s mom), Keisha (Olivia’s mom) and Stephanie (Sofia’s mom).  The girls in the front – Emerson, Lilli, Sofia, Livvy and Olivia.  We had a great time and the girls had an even better time.  The troop is MUCH larger than this, but with it being summer and vacations most of the girls couldn’t make it.


My little canoe expert!


Afterwards we all went out for Mexican food and to get their Canoe badge! Her first badge of Girl Scouts.


While we were out canoeing, Brent and Abbi were hitting the town.  First up – the park!


Followed by Icees – when it’s 100 degrees outside you gotta hydrate!


Then they went to Aquatic Critters and spent the morning holding snakes, lizards and all kinds of reptiles.  The girls really want a snake, and we’re told they make great pets.


They had a blast getting to learn about the animals and hold quite a few of them.


And of course – lunch out!


Later that night, we took them to Let It Shine for Parents Night Out and we enjoyed some down time.  We had some Greek food and then explored Harlinsdale Farms.  Such a pretty park with a really neat horse arena.  It’s definitely a park we need to keep our eyes on for fun activities.


People were fishing around the pond and the sunset was just beautiful!


Our iced latte at Starbucks goes way too fast when it’s 100 outside.


The cutest little Jeep driver out there!


The girls were so tired and grouchy on Sunday afternoon that we told them they had to have some quiet time in their room.  A few minutes later it was quiet and they were taking a much, much needed nap.


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