A Lot of Abbi…..

From July 24 – 29……

We decided it had been ages since we’d been to Chuck E Cheese so we had a Chuck E night out.  The girls were super excited and Abbi wanted to wear her fanciest blue dress.


We ate pizza, played games, and got some tickets.  The usual Chuck night out.  Abbi wouldn’t go anywhere near the mouse.


I’m not a huge fan of the new cards that your “tokens” go on.  I think Abbi just scans all kinds of things and then walks off.  We ended up getting plenty of tickets though and they got a few stickers and Tootsie Rolls and were happy with their loot.


Lilli did Beginner Cheer and Tumble last year and we took the summer off of gymnastics.  She spent all summer on the trampoline practicing her back flips and back handsprings, so before I got them signed up for this year I was thinking she might be ready to move up a level so I got in touch with her coach and she tried out for Intermediate Cheer – and made it! Practice pays off! She was even more excited to run into her very best friend there that night.  Lilli is doing great with her tumbling and can do a back handspring on the mats now with no assist.


Lilli went out with her best friend one evening so we took Abbi out for some ice cream.


One night we went for our greenway walk and Abbi wanted to ride her bike.  She did great on the way out – a 1.5 mile ride.  She wasn’t acting tired.


And then she was just done.  So Lilli rode her tiny little bike back for some of that mile, and then when we were laughing she decided she didn’t want any of her friends to possibly see her – especially boys.  So then I had to drag the little bike back the rest of the way.  Lesson learned.


Abbi’s first drawing of our family.  The 4 of us, plus her friend Pepper, plus Olli, plus Pepper the dog from up the street.


And then Abbi came down with a random fever virus.  We think Lilli’s infection may have just become a random virus for Abbi.  She was running a fever, but otherwise was fine.  So Brent stayed home with her one day and they came and took me to Subway for lunch.


They went to the park and played.


This dog……Sun’s out, tongue’s out.


I stayed home with her a different day – I worked and she drove.


She still wasn’t herself though.


That week Lilli went to Camp Whipporwill with her girlfriends for the first time.  She loved it and it ended up being her favorite camp of the summer.  You got to make choices of your activities each day – you’d sign up for things like newspaper, crafts, creek, fishing, canoeing, horses, farm activities, and so on.  It had a nice mix of outdoor things and also new things like digging potatoes.  Seriously, she dug some potatoes.  The theme of the week was Holiday – so Friday was Halloween and they got to come in costume.


Friday afternoon – hair a mess but a big smile on her face because two of her articles made the weekly paper.  They also had a Build a Bear activity she had done that day.  This camp will definitely be on our list again next year!


That night we went to the mall – it was tax free weekend and the girls needed sneakers.  But we had a lot of fun trying on glasses, too.


And of course Abbi had a lot of fun pushing strollers and playing with the babies at American Girl.    Our store is so small that her mind is going to be blown in a few weeks in Chicago when we go for fall break!


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