End of Summer Fun….

From August 5 – 7……

This crazy dog.  He sleeps in the most uncomfortable looking positions!


Lilli wrapped up her last full week of summer break and summer camps.  Her last day was even a fieldtrip to the Country Music Hall of Fame! We picked her up and then met Brent’s parents at Wendy’s for some dinner – where the girls got a real treat with Frosty’s of their own (we always split a small between the 4 of us!)


From there they headed home with them for a few last days of Granny Camp before the school year started.  The best way to get them excited about an adventure is always to stop at the “real” Krispy Kreme where they can watch the donuts being made.


On Saturday we decided to head to the east side of town and do some hiking at Long Hunter State park and just have a fun day around town.  It’s been years since we’ve been there, so after my morning run and some breakfast we headed over to hike a 3.5 mile loop around the lake.


A lot of the lakefront trail was really pretty,  but it was a crowded trail full of people and their dogs.  You never really felt like you were just out in nature, and it wasn’t a very tough trail either.


The lake views were really pretty though, and the weather was perfect.  We finally saw what “Party Cove” on Percy Priest was – a crowded cove full of boats and people hanging out.


It was a really pretty trail, but probably not worth the drive for us since we have great parks closer.


Afterwards we had lunch at Calypso and an article I read while we were there mentioned an exhibit that sounded really interesting at the Frist.  We hadn’t been there in years and had let our membership lapse, but decided to head over.  While we were there we went ahead and renewed it, they have a lot of fun programs and Lilli has asked about going to summer camp there again.


Afterwards we took a walk around downtown and I showed Brent where my new office would be for the job I’d just accepted downtown.  Floor 24 in this building…… (of 28 floors).


Saturday night is always lively downtown so we decided to walk around and enjoy all the sounds of Broadway and the tourists.  Then we decided to grab a bite at the Frothy Monkey and ran into some old artist friends from Brent’s art show days.  We ate dinner together and found out it was the first Saturday art crawl – so we hung around for that, too.


When we left the house our only plan was to take a hike, and then we ended up having a full day.  As such – I was decked out in total athleisure – sports top and running skirt with hiking shoes – and felt so out of place at the art crawl!


Even though I was a lot underdressed we had a lot of fun being spontaneous and just heading wherever we wanted on our day out.


Sunday afternoon we took a hike at Radnor.  We did one of the longer loops and enjoyed a different side of the lake – and this deer let me get so close!


Meanwhile I think the girls were having plenty of fun without us!




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