The Fair!

From Aug 10…..

We had one last fun thing to do on the very last day of summer break – The Fair!

It’s tradition for us to head to the fair every year, and since we’ve moved to Williamson County we always visit their fair.  And for the last few years we’ve met the Godby’s there and had a total blast riding rides as a group.  The fair is just more fun with friends! (Past fair trips: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 (sadly no post but we went!), 2009).

The fair gets more and more fun over the years as they can ride more of the “big” rides.  We got there before the Midway opened, but we were able to get in, get our ride stamps and be ready when the fair officially opened up.


The first few rides didn’t go well for Abbi.  She started freaking out on a spinning cup for little kids, then lost it again in a fun house for kids.  So we headed to the little swings that she loved the year before and she perked up.  Thank goodness.


Brent and Lilli hit the Ferris Wheel – early in the night there is no line, later in night it can get crazy so we rode it a few times early on, swapping off with Abbi since she didn’t want to ride it (and since it’s a very open Ferris Wheel – I really didn’t want her to ride it since she has issues with listening.)


A more suitable fun house where they had more fun.


The Godbys got there a little bit after it opened and we started taking turns together riding things and swapping off for the various things each kid/parent wanted to do.  I don’t do the slides – I’ll do just about anything else – but I don’t like a big slide.  Or an enclosed slide.  Or bumper cars.


This was one of my favorites and Lilli was just barely tall enough to ride the “big” stuff this time.  Brent doesn’t like swirling/circling things so she and I rode it a few times and had it all to ourselves!


She and I did the Pirate ship with Serif and Jeff…..


while the other crowd did the carousel.


The two big kids flying around……


Most of the crowd in the smaller tilt a whirl – Brent and Lilli were riding something together and Jeff was grabbing some food.


Lilli, myself, Jeff and Serif are up there somewhere.  I managed to ride the little swings with Abbi, the medium swings with Brent, Jeff, Serif and Lilli, and then these majorly big swings that night! It is WAY up there – the same height as the Ferris Wheel – and little Lilli had her arms up just loving it.  I made her hold on! Even though she was just BARELY tall enough for this stuff she ways next to nothing and I just worry she’ll fly out somehow!


The gang doing bumper cars.


Abbi decided she wanted to ride, so Lilli was tall enough this year to drive a car, so Jeff and Pepper rode together, Lilli drove herself, and then Brent and Abbi rode together.


Abbi really wanted to drive, no surprise there! But she’s too short, so Brent let her steer some.


Little coaster….. (Lilli and Abbi)


Like always, we stayed until it closed at 11 pm.  We never even made it to any of the farm exhibits, indoor exhibits, shows, farm area for kids or even the animals! We literally rode the entire time and still felt like we ran out of time! It’s so crazy how fast 6 hours at the fair goes by.  We eat before we get there, so it really was constant rides.  We really could do a Saturday and spend all day, and maybe enjoy some of the exhibits.

Like always, we closed it out with snow cones.


It’s a pretty short ride home for us, but Michelle sent me this pic when they got home.  Hilarious! Probably not the best night before the first day of school for Lilli, but I knew she’d be fine on adrenaline for the first day of third grade because the fair is only here a week out of the year!


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