The Last Day of Summer

From Aug 8 – 10

While the kids were away at Granny Camp Abbi came down with a staph infection on her leg.  She went to the doctor, but it was just the beginning of about 3 weeks worth of infections…..


While they were gone I did some cleaning out of old stuff that had been in the attic for years.  I’m trying to declutter, a LOT, and anything that just doesn’t get used or have much meaning is being given away to Goodwill, others who might enjoy or use it, or just trashed.  I went through a lot of my old Wizard of Oz stuff and donated it, but kept a few things the girls would enjoy playing with.


On the last day of summer we always plan a fun day for just Lilli to do whatever she wants.  We dropped Abbi off at school (it’s going to be so weird – and tiring – when she’s with us next year!) and headed over to Above All, a really popular trampoline park.  We did some tight rope walking……


We did some ninja courses and rope climbing…..


Lilli made it all the way across on the rock wall and I got close.  We also did a lot of trampoline jumping and trapeze flying! It was a lot of fun and a LOT of hard work! I didn’t realize how hard it is to climb out of the foam pit until I had to do it! I see the kids do it all the time at gymnastics and have always wanted my own turn.  It was a great workout!


And of course Lilli can cross it all so easily and make it look so effortless.


We had a blast! Our hour long tickets were just long enough for us to be WORN out and get to try it all at least once.  I think I enjoyed the trapeze the most because it’s not something you get to try every day!


And then for lunch she picked Blue Coast Burrito.  That’s my girl!


Afterwards she wanted to go to Aquatic Critters and hold snakes.  After hearing that her sister did that without her a few weeks earlier when she and I were canoeing, she’d been dying to go.


And we spent a long time on the aquatic side looking at eels, fish, and all the really cool things they have (like jellyfish!).  It’s such a neat pet store.  From there we went to Target for a little while before we had to get Abbi.


The night before, right after gymnastics we surprised them with their back to school goodie bags.  We always get a few little new books, supplies and other things for the start of the school year.  We order supplies before the year starts so we never have to buy pencils or anything like that, but it’s still fun to have a few new things.  This year I did get Lilli a new backpack since she’d used hers for two years and it was looking ragged.  Down in it we put a “new” phone for her.  We’d told her we’d get her a real phone because she did have a need for one this year, and she was so excited.  Of course you can see how Abbi was feeling about it…..


We activated another one of our old phones for her, and she was really happy to have something she could call and Facetime with, and that would work anywhere (she had a different old one of ours that was only WiFi enabled.)

Abbi was still not happy for her sister.  She got a little happier when Lilli tossed her her old one.  And we had to very quickly take it off WiFi since she started texting everyone a LOT of garble.


So proud!


She spent the rest of the night FaceTiming and texting!


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