Back in the Swing

From Aug 13 – 19….

Brent spent a lot of time last summer clearing out the front beds, pulling up old mess, and putting down new fabric and mulch.  Hopefully this will buy us lots of time spent working on the flowerbeds.


Abbi’s staph – not getting any better and getting all kinds of fuzz and junk stuck in it while she slept.


We had a little time to do something fun on a Sunday afternoon so we went to the Science center for an hour or so.  It’s nice being members and just spending shorter periods of time there and not feeling like you have to see or do it all.


Two cuties hanging out on the trampoline.


An evening out at Blue Coast eating chips and salsa and burritos!


I started my new job! I’m up on the 24th floor (of 28) in this building, which I’ve heard is the 3rd tallest in Nashville, with the highest occupied floors in Nashville (AT&T is taller but because of the spires, the new Giarantano building being built is the 2nd tallest but isn’t complete yet so it’s not occupied).  Who knows if that’s true or not, but it’s definitely a giant building.  I’ve also heard nearly 2,000 people work in it.


My favorite place to sit and eat lunch – the reflecting ponds at War Memorial plaza, just across the street, with a view of the State Capitol just behind looking the other direction.


The 28th floor is a walking track which I love! It’s so nice to be able to walk no matter the weather, and without having to mess with the very slow elevators.  The view is pretty amazing.


Out towards the Farmers market – and the parking for the State employees.


Another view – the pool was still open at the Y (the downtown Y has a rooftop pool).


And the State Capitol.


Texting with Lilli is always hilarious.


The Big Eclipse was heading our way and all of Nashville was in a frenzy about it.  We had bought our glasses at the Frist – and like most every other place they ended up being recalled.  So frustrating.


Just a regular Friday night out.


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