Eclipse Mania

From Aug 19 – 20…..

Eclipse mania had totally hit Nashville.  We were in the path of totality and excitement around town was huge with lots of opportunities to view the eclipse and learn more about it.  Lilli’s teachers had done special training about the eclipse so they had a few assemblies and learning opportunities leading up to the big day – and we were one of very few districts open for school that day, too.


Saturday morning we went out to breakfast at Puffy Muffin, something we very rarely do.  While we waited on our food we were looking around in the bakery and saw these really cool cookies.  I would’ve loved to get some to give out but at $2.75 each – they were a LOT expensive! Lilli did get one, and Abbi picked out a regular cookie as their treat.


I had also bought some glasses for us off Amazon and luckily they weren’t recalled.  We practiced using them on a sunny day.


Lilli’s school would be giving her a pair, and Brent’s work would also be giving him a pair, too.  But with all the recalls it felt nice to have some spares we knew were safe.


So cute.


Lilli had her first Girl Scout activity that weekend so I was trying to get her sash ready and following the guidelines.  What I failed to check as we painstakingly ironed them all on was the direction of the sash.  We did the entire thing backwards.  So I raced to the Girl Scout store and had to re-buy the entire thing.


That night was Girl Scouts night at the Sounds game.  We don’t care a thing about baseball but it’s fun to take the girls once a year and pretend like we’re watching.


Mostly she was just excited about hanging out with her friends.  Keysha, Lilli, Reese.


And of course Abbi loved being in the middle of all the big kids.  She was in little sis heaven.  Most of the game she somehow ended up sitting in Reese’s lap.


On a bathroom run we stopped to get our picture with the chicken.  (I think it’s a chicken?) Kaitlyn, Lilli and Abbi.  It was SO hot that night that it was just miserable.  We got ICEEs but generally we were just melting.


Did I mention how much Abbi loves being with her sister’s friends?


More of the troup – our seats were split up a bit so much of their time was spent going up and down to each other and the other parents.


Most of the girls – they started the year with about 10 girls and are up to 15 now.  Keysha, Emerson, Lilli, Reese, then I can see Livvy, Sofia, and Lila.  I think Kaitlyn is squeezed in there somewhere.


Sunday afternoon was her first meeting of the year.  We’ve got a fun year of badges and activities planned, and of course selling cookies!


Abbi is typically not pleased when she doesn’t get to do fun things – but staying at home and eating popsicles isn’t so bad!


When I got back they were pretty busy on their phones….


Later that night we went out to eat at Wendy’s and then stopped in Krispy Kreme for the special eclipse donuts – instead of white glaze they had chocolate glaze.  It was a total mad house.  You had to pay first, then wait in line for your donuts.  It was about a 30 minute wait and as soon as they made them they put them in a box for you.


From plain to Eclipse donuts….


The line kept getting longer and longer and the drive through snaked completely around the building and parking lot.    Even crazier was running into a girl I went to elementary and high school with.  As people would come in the door we’d tell them to go up to the register to pay first (otherwise you’d be in line with no receipt…) and I happened to tell her as she walked in the door and she asked me if I was originally from Memphis.  Once she told me who she was I instantly recognized her, and she said she recognized me by my voice.  Such a small world.


The girls stayed in the car with Brent until it was almost ready.  They love to watch the donuts being made, but it was too crazy inside to have them waiting with me for 30+ minutes.


We got enough to share with school, work and a few for ourselves.


And our last souvenir of the weekend were these cool eclipse cups from Wendy’s.  When you put something cold in them they change from clear to total blackness.  It was really so neat.  I happened to see them behind the counter and asked about them, for $1 each it’s the cheapest and most fun thing we bought to remember the year we were in the path of totality.


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