Total Eclipse of the South

From August 21….

And finally, it was eclipse day.  There were all kinds of events all over town and most school districts were closed.  We had all decided to just watch it from work/school, but next time one comes around in 7 years we’ll probably travel to watch it together.

Excitement was crazy all around.


Brent’s office had a viewing party.  Once you signed the waiver, you got glasses and a Moon Pie.


As the eclipse started people were gathering to watch it on the Capitol steps.


All day long big puffy clouds had been moving through.  Not ideal for eclipse viewing.


In Lavergne, Brent went to a quiet parking lot and set up his camera equipment.  He got some fantastic shots of the eclipse and all the things leading up to it.


Yup.  Still very cloudy downtown.  Out of all of us, I was the most in the path of totality with the longest period of darkness. But none of that matters if there’s giant clouds blocking most of it.


My view:


Even with the cloud blockage, we had a pretty amazing 360 sunset and sunrise with a pretty awesome view all around.  And so many helicopters circling the entire time.


Downtown was completely dark for a couple of minutes, all the lights came on and you could hear crickets chirping.  Very cool, even if we didn’t see the complete eclipse for the clouds.


Brent got a pretty awesome shot, though.  Who knew Lavergne was the place to be?


And then after school Lilli was texting me about it.  They watched from their sports field and the teachers narrated what was happening and what to watch for.  Mostly she just cracked me up telling me she wasn’t blind! Good news!




And Abbi – well, home girl slept through the whole thing.  Since it was during nap, and since it’s not like she’d appreciate or remember any of it we didn’t check her out to view it anywhere.  She’ll go with us in 7 years!


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