The Staph….

From Aug 22 – Aug 30….

Abbi’s staph infection was definitely not getting any better.  Any progress it had made was headed the other way, and we’d noticed more and more spots popping up.


We made her an appointment with our pediatrician and on that day happened to notice that normal paper cuts on her hands were turning into staph, along with any little cuts she had.  Her doctor told us to keep using the cream, but also added an oral antibiotic.  I’ll insist on that every time from here on out, once she started taking that she was getting better very quickly.


Nothing like finding a big stick bug in the yard!


She’s definitely entered her fancy phase.  She still doesn’t care that it’s Cinderella’s dress, she just likes the “fancy blue dress”.


We headed to the consignment sale half price day at our church, where I was selling tons of our old things.  It’s a huge sale and I always do really well there.


Abbi decided she wanted to take ballet this year at school.  They offer it during the day, once a week an instructor comes in and the kids who have signed up leave and dance for an hour.  It’s a pretty “serious” program with a certain color leo and tights she’s supposed to wear, and specific tap and ballet shoes we needed.  So we went to our neighborhood dance shop to get her things.  You can see all the band aids on her legs from the staph infections she had….


Lilli’s BFF Reese had mailed her a letter, so Lilli wrote her back.  They see each other at school every day, but there’s something fun about mail. She says they are half sisters because we went to college with Reese’s mom.


Brent took the girls to the park – I was not feeling good from a UTI and was getting some rest at home.


Lots of fun running around on the ampitheater stage and putting on a concert for the crowds.


Maybe one day they will be doing a routine for the crowd in Brentwood!


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