Labor Day Weekend

From Aug 31 – Sep 5….

Labor Day weekend kicked off with the leftover hurricane moving through our area for several days (I think it was Hurricane Harvey or possibly Irma).  We kicked it off with tornado warnings right at bedtime – with them showing the camera at our intersection!


Friday night Reese came over for a sleepover.  The girls had a great time watching movies, playing Barbies and giggling.


The rain finally moved out overnight and they had a nice morning to run and play outside.  Abbi was their shadow, and for the most part they all got along really well.


Just three girls driving a Jeep around.


The storm did some damage to our already very damaged fence.  Luckily we have a dog who has no desire to just walk out to freedom.


Later that afternoon we took a trip over to the zoo to check out some of the newer areas and enjoy the pretty day.


Lilli is always our resident zoo expert and tells us every back story on every animal – she knows where they came from, their names and all kinds of facts from her annual weeks at Zoo Camp.


Just a girl, after church, wishing someone would turn WiFi back on on her phone so she can text random letters and numbers to people.


Sunday afternoon we headed downtown to enjoy the Frist Art Museum.  The kids just wanted to play in the KidsQuest area.  They did all kinds of paintings, screen prints, drawings, and animations.  It’s such a fun space for kids to be creative.  I’m so glad we reactivated our membership.  It’ll be a great place to play this winter when it’s cold out.  Abbi’s drawing is so cute.  Especially compared to the very talented guy she was next to…


Lilli doing some art creations digitally….


Family selfie downtown.


We had wanted to tour the special war boat that was downtown for the weekend – but the line was CRAZY, so we ended up skipping that.


The girls had a great time playing at the Cumberland Park – running up and down the hills, rolling around, playing in the sand.


They also have slides, a rock wall, and other fun things to climb.  I think this may have been Abbi’s first visit.  They also have a splash pad but they didn’t want to get wet that day.


City girl.


The next day Abbi was Brent’s helper at Home Depot.  Who knew they had so much Halloween decor? Just her size, too!


We also spent the afternoon shopping for a good rain coat for me.  I learned quickly with my downtown job and a long walk in each morning that a good raincoat was going to be essential! I didn’t get this one, but I love this color!  Otherwise we had a nice and relaxing Labor Day at home.  We love traveling, but it’s also nice to have an extra long weekend at home to explore our city, too.


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