The Yurt Life

From Sep 6 – 8…..

We had a pretty ordinary week back to school and work after Labor Day and then….it was time for Mother Daughter Ranch weekend.

Lilli has loved her time at Camp Widjiwagon the last few summers, and especially last summer when I added on a horse riding session.  When I saw they had a weekend just for Moms and Daughters, focused on riding horses, I thought that could be a lot of fun.  I reached out to a few of the other moms from school (whose daughters go to Widji with Lilli) and the timing all worked out for us to go.

We had assumed we’d be staying in the super nice cabins.  We assumed wrong.  Welcome to our Yurt.


We’ve seen yurts on Tiny House Hunters, and they always look fun……for other people. It’s basically as simple as it looks – a giant tent like structure, with solid walls.  It had a skylight on top, two doors, a bunch of bunks and it did have a ceiling fan and climate control.

Those bunks.  They were as soft and comfortable as they look – which is not soft or comfortable at all.


The girls – from left to right – Sofia, Kaitlyn, Lilli and Livvy.  Livvy and Lilli were in K together, Lilli met Kaitlyn through the after school program and Chinese class, and now they’re in 3rd together, and last year was Sofia’s first year at their school, and she got to know her through the after school program as well.  These girls have spent many hours together in summer camps and now Girl Scouts, as well as other outings and recess.  And even gymnastics from time to time.  They were beyond excited for this weekend together at their beloved Widji.


The moms – Stephanie, Piyan, Jenn and me.  We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well over the years through class, field trips, all the extracurricular activities and all the camps we coordinate for their summers.  Our spreadsheets start in December to see who can overlap with whom to create the ultimate summer experiences for these lucky girls.


When we got to the camp we got checked in and were given our schedules for the weekends.  We had a yurt just for our group, and in total there were probably about 15 mother-daughter pairs in 4 or 5 yurts.

Dinner was…..not good.  The food was the worst thing for the camp – not much veggies or fruit and everything was very tasteless. We had brought some snacks, but we know better for next time.


First up was playing with the farm animals – they had pigs, goats, chickens and all kinds of ranch animals we could touch.


Then we got to meet the horses.  We learned how to lead the horses around, brush them, and take care of them.  Then we got to throw glitter on them and brush it out.  Seriously.  This horse is Dubs. I also had no clue how much we’d get to know each other.


After that we got to go over and jump on the big “KJ” the infamous Kangaroo Jumper and also zip line.  It was completely dark so we had no clue where we were headed, but it was fun to zip line through the trees at night and find our way back with glue sticks.  Definitely one of my favorite things we did all weekend.  The scariest part was just stepping off the ledge but once we were going it was so fun.  From there it was back to our yurts for a night of “sleep”.


Meanwhile….back at home Brent and Abbi were having a much better dinner of Wendy’s and having fun together in their warm and cozy beds.












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