The Final Frontier/Greek Festival

From Sep 10….

We all had a much, much better night’s sleep Saturday night.  Total exhaustion will do that to you.  We all still woke up a few times to make the walk through the woods to the lodge and the bathroom, but overall we got a decent night’s sleep.  Breakfast was just as bad as the previous meals had been but the girls didn’t really care.  They just had the best time playing together and running around.  Amazingly they never once got mad at each other and all got along so well.  At times there would be tired hissy fits, but we were all worn out.  And hungry.


Camp is good!


We were the last group for trail ride and our only options were the Alpine Tower and the stand up paddleboarding.  It was kind of chilly and none of us wanted to get drenched before a horse ride, so we went over to the Tower.  It’s a slow activity going one at a time, so the girls went first.  Two of them went all the way to the top, one went just a little ways, and then Lilli went a little over halfway.


Heading up…..


And she got to this high point where it starts to get pretty tough for short people.  She decided she was ready to rappelle down from there.


Coming on down……


A picture of one of the moms at the top.  I think they said it’s 50 feet.  Regardless, I wasn’t interested in trying it.  The line was so long and it was nearly time for us to ride horses and one trauma a day is plenty for me.


Our last horse ride was another trail ride.  We did a different trail and all rode our same horses.  Dubs had a few flies on him that day so he was shaking and kicking and I was so ready to be off that horse! We were the last thing standing between the horses and their lunch so they were all trying to pass each other and once we got close the horse behind me (with Livvy on it) broke into a full on gallop and starting running for the stables.  I’m just not meant to be a horse person.  Lilli had a great horse and the girls all had a lot of fun with their rides.


They said their final good byes to the farm animals.


We had such a fun time together on our mother daughter weekend. It was great seeing all the fun things she comes home talking about and it was fun just having some ‘big girl’ time.  It was a great way to get to know the other moms better, too, and build some deeper relationships with gals she’ll be spending time with for the next 9 years in school!

All the girls told us they want to do this “every” year.  A few days later we saw a Mother-Daughter retreat with nice cabins, boasting good food, and having activities like yoga, dance party and beach time.  We decided that might be our cup of tea for 2018.


Meanwhile….back at home Abbi had somehow managed to start a free trial of the Starz channel on Amazon through our Fire Stick.


The Greek Festival was also going on that weekend.  It’s our favorite festival in Nashville, so as soon as Lilli and I got home we headed over for lunch.  We got to see one of her old Pre-K friends dancing with the Greek kids.  It’s the one time a year we run into them, but it’s so great to see them.  They also live in Brentwood and the girls will be back together in Middle School.


The petting zoo is always a favorite.


They had some really cool chickens.


And a llama.


Abbi had a lot of fun in the bounce house.


And then she wanted to race Lilli in the obstacle course a few times.


We thought Abbi might need some help – but she proved us wrong and was the first one up and over!


Face first, of course……


And flying on down to the bottom.  I’m so glad we made it out this year – and was even happier to finally eat some good food after a long weekend of camp food!


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